Introducing the new Williams/Blum Blog section of CF

What’s up, Fanatics?

A quick note for you guys today introducing a new content section of CF. 

Last year when the pandemic hit, Brent Blum and I started doing a Sunday night podcast mainly because we were bored. It has since turned into the most popular piece of content on CF. It also got our juices flowing to start producing more content. 

Today, we introduce to you the new Williams/Blum blog section on Cyclone Fanatic. 

What exactly is it? Well, this concept will continue to develop over time. 

However, we do know that this portion of the site will be a place for us to release quick hit thoughts on whatever is on our mind in the world of sports. Of course, we will mostly stick to the Cyclones. However, this will be a spot where we could blog about other stories, like the Texas basketball coaching search or Blum’s piece today on awful 3-point shooting in the Sweet 16. 

We hope you enjoy it for years to come. 

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