BARELY AUDIBLE: Oklahoma preview

In this week’s installment of “Barely Audible:”

— Zack and Austen get together to talk about the positives from the loss to Kansas State on Saturday.

— Austen talks about the leadership on this team and why they keep losing games, and it doesn’t have to do with the talent.

— The guys discuss how the national stage this Thursday night can be a break through for this team that is struggling through a tough season, especially at this time of the year with so many other in things going on in the players lives.

— Austen reflects back on his big game against Kansas State back in November of 2008, where he set a school record for passing in a game.

— The former quarterback talks about the time he ran into Adrian Peterson in pregame warm-ups his freshmen year, it was his “Welcome to the Big 12 moment”.

Finally, as always, the guys go through this weeks gambling picks.

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