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Dec 12, 2019
It amazes me how the defensive girl can drap both arms over the players arms with the ball and gets a jump ball instead of a foul especially at that point of the game. Then we spend 5 minutes looking to see if the girl doing the mugging gets fouled by a swinging elbow. Unbelievable! That play was essentially the game!


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Apr 20, 2012
First of all the refs blatantly refused to call a foul at the end of regulation. What an easy call to make and they refused. Oh wait that was the number 2 seed that should have lost that game, can't have that. Joens is expected to do too much. Easy defense for them knowing what she was going to do. CBF needs to realize 1 person can't do it all. They'll be back. Blair's team is not that good either. Go Cyclones.
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Jan 10, 2021
This game is hard to swallow. Yes the refs are to blame to a certain degree. But the gameplan from the final minutes of the regulation to the overtime is questionable. We were out of rhythm and played with less aggression. You can't just expect the refs to make calls. You have to play aggressively to earn it. I don't fault the players for one bit. They have given them all. If we applied a more aggressive strategy down the stretch, the refs wouldn't have been given a chance to show their ugly rears at the end. We need better game strategies in crunch time in the future.
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Mar 23, 2006
Disappointing ending, questionable calls (and by questionable I mean ******** calls or lack there of), too many turnovers but these young ladies gave it their all.

Emily and Lex both had a hell of a freshman season. Can't wait to see how much they along with Kylie and Aubrey improve over the off season.


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Mar 21, 2006
Longview, TX
ISU was a bit overmatched physically, but the end of game slowing down and trying to run clock is something I hate so much in basketball. You play to win, not play to not lose. It takes you out of any kind of rhythm - what got you there in the first place. It's like saying this is working so well, let's just try something different and see what happens. The aggressive team has such a huge advantage, nearly every time. I'm surprised at how many teams do it.

Oh and I haven't watched a ton of women's games with these newer rules but this was pretty brutal. Not a fan of advancing the ball with a timeout. And all of the reviews. It took about 10 minutes to play the last 20 seconds.

Either way, the refs were not good but they weren't good for either team. Lots of missed calls. But that's not why ISU lost. They just quit doing what they are good at.


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Jun 11, 2017
This game was a prime example for everyone who complains about the last play of a game being drawn up as a lower-percentage shot like a 3-pointer rather than going to the hoop. We went to the hoop at the end of regulation on the last few attempts from the inbounds and got nothing. The first block was a legit block when I rewound it, but that second attempt was a foul no matter how you slice it. But unless you just tackle the shooter the ref isn't going to call it. So the open 3-pointer look is about the same when you know the defense can be more aggressive in the paint because the stripes will not blow the whistle.


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Where: Alamodome (South Court) - San Antonio, Texas
When: Wednesday, March 24 at 6 PM
Projected Starting Lineup: Kristin Scott, Ashley Joens, Kylie Feuerbach, Emily Ryan, Lexi Donarski
Radio: Cyclone Radio Network/Learfield
Talent: Noah Wolf, Jamie Steyer
Talent: Courtney Lyle, Carolyn Peck

The Lead
Iowa State women's basketball team advanced to the second round for the 12th time in school history. Iowa State also advanced to the Round of 32 in back-to-back NCAA Tournaments, having done so in 2018-19. The 7th-seeded Cyclones will face No. 2 seed Texas A&M, who were the regular-season SEC Champions. In ISU's NCAA First Round, win Ashley Joens broke the school record for most points in a tournament game with 33, while Madison Wise posted a double double in the win.

Key Storylines
  • Ashley Joens earned Sports Illustrated Second-Team All-America honorsto close the season. The junior is seventh in the nation in scoring, averaging a school record 23.9 points a game. She also leads all juniors in career scoring with 1,648 career points.
  • Joens is one of three players in the nation averaging over 23+ points and 9.0+ rebounds per game, joining Big Ten Player of the Year Naz Hillmon and FGCU's Kierstan Bell.
  • Lexi Donarski was the unanimous Big 12 Freshman of the Year, becoming the first Cyclone since 1998 (Megan Taylor) to earn the honor. Donarski was the only freshman in the league to average double figures, with 12.8 points per game.
  • Ashley Joens earned Unanimous All-Big 12 First-Team honors for the second-straight season, after leading the Big 12 in scoring for the second-straight year.
  • Senior Kristin Scott earned Second-Team All-Big 12 honors for the second time in her career, while Emily Ryan was the only other unanimous selection to the All-Freshman Team.
  • For the third-straight season, Iowa State has won 10 or more Big 12 games (2019-20, 10-8 and 2020-21, 13-5). ISU nabbed 12 wins in conference action for the eighth time in school history. ISU's 12 wins, ties for third in school history.
On To The Round of 32!
  • Iowa State prevailed against No. 10 seed Michigan State, 79-75 behind stellar performances by Ashley Joens and Madison Wise.
  • Ashley Joens led the way in typical Joens fashion setting an ISU NCAA Tournament record with 33 points in just 29 minutes. She also added nine rebounds and went 10-22 from the field against the Spartans.
  • Madison Wise was massive for the Cyclones with season-highs in points (13) and rebounds (11).
  • Iowa State is one of 19 teams to advance to the NCAA Second Round in each of the last two NCAA Tournaments.
Iowa State In the Tournament
  • Iowa State is 19-18 all-time in the NCAA Tournament.
  • The Cyclones have had 19 total appearances in the Big Dance, all coming under head coach Bill Fennelly.
  • Iowa State has earned the No. 7 seed a total of five times in their 19 appearances, and Monday's win marks the second time Iowa State has advanced as a No. 7 seed.
  • Iowa State last earned a tournament berth in 2018-19, advancing to the NCAA Second Round. ISU was hoping to hear its name called after an 18-11 campaign that ended with a regular season win over No. 2 Baylor, before the Big 12 Tournament and NCAA Tournament were cancelled due to COVID-19.
Does anyone who watched this game feel that the refs pretty much handed the game to TAM—just like in the old days?

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