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Mar 3, 2011
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Hey crew,

On iPhone/chrome - getting a video ad on every page I’m on that takes up the top right quadrant of my device and doesn’t allow me to click anything at the top of my screen. Also getting a huge banner at the bottom on about half the pages, so only about 50% of CF is actually visible when the two are together. Just noticed this tonight


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Mar 7, 2019
I even get one that pops up right in the middle of the page, but I can at least navigate with that one. Would be cool if someone fixed this after three months.

While the best solution would be the site fixing it there are other mobile browsers that do better at blocking ads like that. My favorite is Brave, it does a good job of filtering out those ads that block lots of the screen.


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Mar 25, 2006
Is this what it’s like having an IPhone? This sucks, I want to go back to Android.
On the iPhone, you can download Firefox Focus from the App Store. Then, in Settings for your iPhone, under Safari, you should see Firefox Focus listed as a Content Blocker, that you can then switch on/off (for Safari).

Firefox Focus shows up there once you download it (that is as a content blocker for Safari, as well as a stand-alone browser itself).

As you browse, you can turn the content blocker (Firefox Focus) off for individual websites, from within Safari, by selecting the item you want from the drop down menu that you get by clicking “AA” at the top and to the left of the url. If you pick “Turn off Content Blockers” it is just temporary, just during that visit. If you click “Website Settings” it goes to another menu with an on/off switch, where you can set the default for that site (“whitelist” it if you want).

These settings are very convenient to change within Safari as you browse.

One thing Firefox Focus does, many here probably wouldn’t like, is that it keeps embedded tweets from opening automatically. It shows the link, so you can get there by opening it (click and it opens in another window). Or instead, you can have the embedded tweet show up by turning off the content blocker for this site temporarily or by changing the default for a particular site (per the instructions above).

People could have Firefox Focus turned off by default for this site or “whitelisted” (and again, all of this is in Safari). Then, if you experience ad problems, turn on the content blocker as you are browsing (per the instructions above).

This way, it would be easy to keep browsing here in Safari if you do experience ad problems, just by flipping a switch.

On Edge for iPhone, Adblock Plus is the default content blocker, that you can turn on or off from the settings found within the browser.

(Note that is a different location from Safari, in my first paragraph up above, where the first switch you have to turn on is from within iPhone Settings.)
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Feb 13, 2012
This definitely blows. Makes the mobile experience totally worthless. Can’t click on anything in top of screen and have to refresh and quickly click to get through before the ad loads.


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