Week 5 College Football Survivor Game


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Sep 1, 2011
77 people down to the field of 64 after week 4. Please post your previous weeks picks with your pick this week.
  1. Pick a team you think will win that weeks game. Pick only 1 team per week.
  2. Don't pm me the pick, post on here you pick.
  3. You can only pick that team ONCE the entire time you are in the game.
  4. The goal is to advance and be the last person standing.
  5. Only games that have a FBS school facing another FBS school are eligible to be picked (no ISU-NDSU due to UNI not being FBS).
  6. You have up until the start time of the game you picked to switch. (Ex: If you pick Texas A&M over South Carolina, you can't change to another game after that game has started.)
  7. If your team loses, you are out for the competition.
  8. If you skip a week of picks, you are out.
  9. You can switch as many times up until the game you have picked officially starts.
  10. If you have questions, pm me
  11. Post 3 of the thread will have the possible games you can pick.
  12. You can only pick teams that are undefeated.
  13. You can't join in during the middle of the season
Due to the addition of CyBookie credits, I will give the winner credits. If a mod sees this, maybe I can transfer them that way.


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Sep 1, 2011
Picks below are in alphabetical order of the team you picked in week 3. PM if you think there's an error

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
CPKClone Louisville Indiana Navy Air Force
riceville Penn St. Maryland Baylor Alabama
BigD Louisville Washington Florida Alabama
CYKXBUT Florida Nebraska Tennessee Alabama
VTXCyRyd Iowa Indiana Georgia Southern Boise St.
srjclone Louisville Michigan Baylor Clemson
NebraskaCy Florida Nebraska Toledo Clemson
EnkAMania Washington Wisconsin Florida Houston
stateofmind Washington Wisconsin Michigan Houston
cyclonebillski Iowa Wisconsin Utah Houston
bozclone Michigan Texas Wisconsin Houston
mdk2isu Iowa Washington Arizona St. Louisville
SUXCyclone Minnesota Washington Georgia Southern Louisville
larson8938 Florida Nebraska Wisconsin Louisville
DandyCyclone Penn St. Nebraska Wisconsin Louisville
Cycsk Iowa Washington Wisconsin Louisville
DRCHIRO Nebraska Wisconsin Memphis Louisville
Ryan4069 S Carolina Iowa Arizona St. Memphis
jmarter Indiana Maryland Arizona St. Memphis
CyCrazy Nebraska Washington Arizona St. Memphis
ISUENGR Stanford Michigan Arkansas Memphis
Liam4Cy Penn St. Nebraska Arkansas Memphis
chuckd W Kentucky Ohio St. Arkansas Memphis
Clark Arkansas Nebraska Baylor Memphis
1976 Indiana Oregon Baylor Memphis
CloneFan4 Florida Wisconsin Miami (Fl) Memphis
Yellow Snow Iowa Wisconsin Miami (FL) Memphis
Cy$ Arkansas Wisconsin Tennessee Memphis
cowmaster1 Iowa Army Utah Memphis
CycloneBax Louisville Florida Utah Memphis
FarmClone Ohio St. Army Wisconsin Memphis
cyclonpediaJoe Penn St. Baylor Wisconsin Memphis
Cydkar Louisville Iowa Wisconsin Memphis
Daserop W Forest Iowa Wisconsin Memphis
GoldenCardinal Arkansas Miami (Fl) Wisconsin Memphis
michaelrr1 W Kentucky Miami (Fl) Wisconsin Memphis
CascadeClone W Kentucky Miami (Fl) Wisconsin Memphis
serverguy Iowa Oregon Wisconsin Memphis
Cy88 Arkansas Texas Wisconsin Memphis
Rulzzz Louisville Washington Wisconsin Memphis
candg4ever Penn St. Florida Arizona St. Minnesota
crs8975 Nebraska Louisville Arizona St. Minnesota
jdog W Virginia Maryland Arizona St. Minnesota
CyARob W Forest Army Arkansas Minnesota
isu_oak Penn St. Indiana Arkansas Minnesota
CarlHungus Indiana Nebraska Arkansas Minnesota
intrepid Nebraska Miami (Fl) Florida Minnesota
TedKumsher SMU Indiana Georgia Southern Minnesota
EddieISU W Virginia Wisconsin Georgia Tech Minnesota
hoopitup Boise St. Air Force Memphis Minnesota
HoopsTournament Iowa Nebraska Memphis Minnesota
mtown Penn St. Wisconsin Navy Minnesota
Livnthecylife Arkansas Indiana Tennessee Minnesota
52342cyclone Louisville Wisconsin Tennessee Minnesota
AmesHawk Indiana Oregon Utah Minnesota
wesley_w Louisville Maryland Wisconsin Minnesota
lbSyU Penn St. Nebraska Wisconsin Minnesota
jbclone W Forest Nebraska Wisconsin Minnesota
CywinLannister Louisville Washington Wisconsin Minnesota
Fitzy Florida Iowa Arkansas Nebraska
cyclonestans Louisville Florida Arkansas Stanford
CloneinWDSM W Forest Washington Arizona St. W. Michigan
Cydog Penn St. Air Force Arkansas W. Michigan
ljm4cy Florida Oregon Georgia Southern W. Michigan


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Sep 1, 2011
All games CT, can only pick bold teams

7 pm - UCONN @ Houston

8 pm - Stanford @ Washington

9:15 pm - Toledo @ BYU
TBD - Arizona St. @ USC

11 am - Baylor @ Iowa St.
11 am - Rutgers @ Ohio St.
11 am - Miami (Fl) @ Georgia Tech
2:30 pm - Navy @ Air Force
2:30 pm - Tennessee @ Georgia
2:30 pm - Wake Forest @ NC St.
2:30 pm - Purdue @ Maryland
2:30 pm - Wisconsin @ Michigan
2:30 pm - Illinois @ Nebraska
2:30 pm - Minnesota @ Penn St.
2:30 pm - Kansas St. @ W. Virginia
3 pm - Texas A&M @ S. Carolina
5 pm - Utah @ Cal
6 pm - Memphis @ Ole Miss
6 pm - Kentucky @ Alabama
6 pm - C. Michigan @ W. Michigan
7 pm - San Diego St. @ S. Alabama
7 pm - Louisville @ Clemson
9:15 pm - Utah St. @ Boise St.
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Sep 1, 2011
Week 1: Arkansas
Week 2: Wisconsin
Week 3: Tennessee
Week 4: Memphis
Week 5: Maryland

(like for whoever knows who the middle girl in this picture is and why people hate her).


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Aug 9, 2013
Week 1 Wake Forest
Week 2 Washington
Week 3 Arizona State
Week 4 Western Michigan
Week 5 San Diego State


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