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Feb 23, 2013
Call me insane, but I very much doubt kids that want to play in the P4 are going to stick with commitments to teams that will likely be G5 level as soon as next season.

Another stud on the way tomorrow in Quaron Adams. Elite speed. Hawks signing some high level playmakers this recruiting cycle? I know you pulled the tight end from the field hockey team he looks pretty good.


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Sep 4, 2011
North Iowa
Not insulted at all. That would be an awesome landing spot for ISU for sure. I'm not trying to insult ISU fans either when I say that Big 10 teams would probably get less money if they added ISU and KU to the conference. I think it is just the hard truth. I would say the same about Iowa if they were in ISU's position.
Agree that we aren’t a team that a Media source will boost your per school pay for (at least not yet, we hope to be after Campbell gets us a natty or two ;) ). Sometimes it just being able to provide something that you couldn’t before, like a conference championship game, or a time slot that you couldn’t before (not things we could help the big ten with just examples )

I don’t think the Cali schools will want to forego their power or influence; hence the reason I’m thinking they expand with big 12 teams because there is something we can provide them (central time and early starting times) thatcould very well be mutually beneficial.

This is where I think the big ten has to evaluate. If they let the big XII merge with the pac 12, who will be available down the road? The SEC will expand, and are the also rans of the ACC ones that will lift all payouts? You may laugh, but honestly ISU is a wildcard right now. If we win the CCG or make a NY6, or even somehow find our way into the CFP, conferences then will have to ask themselves if we are a long term team with Campbell. If we can make the CFP, I think the north endzone could be getting some more seats.

I know there are several what if’s, but those are the what if’s that conferences and media providers have to consider
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