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Dec 29, 2008
Washington DC
It wasn't Perkins on the edge who hurt us yesterday. It was the interior pressure from Schweiger, Newell and Simmons.

End's have a hard time beating us because we run heavy sets where they can't just speed around the edge. Our TE chips them and forces an inside move
Yeah, if felt like yesterday it was almost exclusively coming from the middle getting just absolutely blown up.


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Mar 11, 2008
Coralville, IA
Honestly, when people started saying fiesta bowl was a possibility a few weeks ago, I thought they were full of crap. Every projection I've seen has us there playing Oregon, which I will gladly take!

I usually keep ToE comments to a minimum, but pushing Indiana out will push all the BIG teams down a notch and I find that funny.


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May 25, 2012
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Are they still playing the fiesta bowl in Arizona? Still no fans? If so, WTF is the point of playing there? Why not move it to Texas?


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Jun 23, 2009
Ankeny, IA
Imagine being 18 and not being able to go home since June. Go out since June. Work out every day since June. All these kids have done for the last 6 months is work out, do school work, and sit at home. They deserve a break, especially at Christmas

My biggest thing with this, is that all I had heard from the players when the season was going to get canceled was that they felt more safe from Covid being with their teammates and coaches. Also, these players do get to see their families in one way or another. There was a pic of Purdy hugging his Mom yesterday after the game. Either way I don't know what they endure, heck none of us do, I just think that some teams feel as if their season didn't go as planned and just want to be done. That is their right.
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Apr 16, 2006
If Indiana jumps us for the Fiesta I will lose my s**t.

Indiana hasn't beaten anyone with a pulse and hasn't played since Dec 5th. So you are going to reward Indiana for not playing football.... and punishing ISU for making the Big 12 Championship and barely losing to OU..... and we also played 4 more games than Indiana.

If Indiana jumps us..... then there's no reason to even show up and actually play football games. That would be the incentive going forward.


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Dec 8, 2014
Since there is Fiesta discussion going on in other threads, can we talk othe bowl match-ups here?

How annoying is it that they have Coastal playing Liberty. I know they didn’t get the opportunity to play during the season but I really wanted to see coastal get housed by a team like Northwestern.
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