BIT Brewery in Central city IA


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Oct 18, 2006
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
I drove past it a couple of weeks ago and it caught my attention...but it was a Monday and they were closed! UGH! I need to take my kids to Pinicon Ridge Park on a non-Monday in the future and check that place out!
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Sep 10, 2009
My wife and I were in Central City this weekend and noticed a new brewery downtown. BIT Brewery. Anyone familiar with them? Looks like a lot of small batch stuff.
Wife and I have been there several times. Your correct on a lot of small batch stuff. They took us for a mini tour Several “experiments” going on in the basement. They have a few barrel aged beers that are excellent and more on the way. Three buddies own it and are usually in house working. Ragbrai goes through CC this summer I believe.
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