After much thought, my best-case, realistic realignment scenario.


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Nov 29, 2017
Best Case: Big 10
Worst Case: Revamped Big XII

Best case is pretty easy to see. ACC would be better than the PAC, PAC would be better than a revamped Big XII, which would pretty much be the floor.

I don't see Big XII members going to the AAC if there's any more than four left without a conference. I could see max two AAC members being added if the remaining 8 stick together, given that former Big XII investigations into expansion showed nobody put the conference on better financial footing. Adding more than two just continues to dilute the value. If this is the eventual outcome, the conference will perpetually be a target of further expansion talks as the Big 10, ACC and PAC hurtle towards further consolidation.


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Dec 3, 2020
I saw another board where someone suggested BYU and the 3 service academies(I think Houston is one of the best tv ratings additions). Interesting, they have some national following and the Army vs Navy game is huge ratings but it doesn't do much for basketball. I don't know if that would be football only. Would the league do a few basketball only schools like Creighton and Wichita St? Maybe even New Mexico or New Mexico St. for bball only they draw huge basketball crowds. Those types of basketball additions with BYU and Houston would make basketball a fun product in the league, especially if KU and WVU stay but the travel won't make a lot of sense for WVU.

The service academies is not the first option for anyone but its always there.
I thought about that too. Army-Navy is HUGE. And all three would be good attendance draws. Air Force actually has a fair amount of value in the athletics and a good regional partner for BYU. Basketball is fairly meaningless and will work itself out.

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