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  1. CycloneDaddy

    2020 Billboard Music Awards

    Anyone else trying to watch this train wreck of an awards show? Not sure if it is Kelly Clarkson saying ya’all every other word or no audience for the performers to feed off of.
  2. CycloneDaddy

    Kobe Bryant is dead

    TMZ is reporting that Black Mamba died in a helicopter accident today ...
  3. CycloneDaddy

    FS RV D2 for ULM - SOLD

    D2 for sale $150. Located in central Iowa.
  4. CycloneDaddy

    DirecTV and Tailgating

    So 3 hours on the phone with DTV tonight and the 4 customer reps I talked to were unable to help. I have DTV now does anyone know what I need to get it while tailgating? I have an extra dish I will be using but do I need to get a special card for my genie?
  5. CycloneDaddy

    WTB Football Season Parking Pass

    Prefer hard service lot but would be open to G7 as well. Prefer full season but would entertain all games minus Iowa. Message me if you have something available.
  6. CycloneDaddy

    Mad Fran to Razorbacks?

    Twitter is saying Fran met with Arkansas, say it cant be so. Sounds like Little Petino and Nevada coach are also candidates.
  7. CycloneDaddy

    FS: Sec 31 Row 12 w/seatbacks

    Have 2 tickets with seatbacks in section 31 row 12 for OU game for $100 total. Will be in D2 tonight and tomorrow.
  8. CycloneDaddy

    Trade G6 for any paved lot

    Have a G6 pass and looking to trade for any of the paved lots.
  9. CycloneDaddy

    Ozark Game Watch

    Headed to the Ozarks to help get a boat ready for winter. It is docked near Bagnel Dam (mm 1). Anyone have a good place to catch the ISU vs Baylor game on Saturday?
  10. CycloneDaddy

    Charter Plane Service - DSM to AMA

    Family member suffered a stroke in Amarillo on the way to AZ. We are thinking to get them back home of chartering a plane. I have contacted Elliott Aviation and Exec 1. Does anyone have experience with anyone else?
  11. CycloneDaddy

    WTB 4 ISU vs KU $600

    In town with the family. brought $600 with me for 4 tickets but KU had to go win. If anyone is selling 4 tickets in my price range let me know.
  12. CycloneDaddy

    Overland Park game watch?

    in Overland Park with the family. Any good recommendations on where to watch the game with a family atmosphere as I have 2 kids in tow?
  13. CycloneDaddy

    Need 4 for Friday night

    Family is coming down to KC on Friday so just looking to get in the door for the 4 if us. Let me know what you have .....
  14. CycloneDaddy

    Baylor vs Tech tied up

    9 minutes and tied up on ESPN2
  15. CycloneDaddy

    812 Rebounds

    Ignore, ESPN updated the stats.
  16. CycloneDaddy

    Texas Tickets

    Going to Austin for the first time for the game in October. Tickets through ISU are $100 which I think is pretty pricey. is it better to buy tickets in the secondary market or just spend the $100 through ISU?
  17. CycloneDaddy

    Sump pump

    Friendly reminder to check you sump pump is working correctly with all the rain today in Iowa. Checked mine and back flow valve was stuck shut causing pump running but not pumping water. No water in basement so crisis avoided.
  18. CycloneDaddy

    FS: 4 Tickets to TCU vs I-State (In TCU section)

    I have 4 tickets for the TCU football game. These are located in the TCU section. TCU fans decided not to waste the money to fuel up their jet and fly up from Texas tomorrow (I wish I had those type of decisions to make). Best offer gets them ... I will be in S5 tomorrow by 9 for you to pick...
  19. CycloneDaddy

    FS: 2 Tickets Iowa vs I-State Lower Level

    FS: 2 Tickets Iowa vs I-State Lower Level - SOLD I have 2 tickets for sale for $350.00 for both Section 22, Row 12 These are lower level on the east side on the 20 to 25 yard line. Tickets have been SOLD.
  20. CycloneDaddy

    Taking Verizon phone to Canada ...

    I'm headed to Canada (Manitoba) for a week for some fishing and want to take my Verizon (non-smart) phone (Samsung Brightside) with me. I believe I won't incur any crazy charges while I'm there except for the $0.65 a minute for talk if I decide to call home. Anyone have and first hand...