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    Audiophiles? Planar Magnetic Headphones

    I’ve wanted a pair of high end headphones and recently Monoprice had the Monolith planar magnetic M1060 headphones on sale so ordered. I’m now trying to figure out the right DAC/Amplifier that will power the headphones adequately while also working with an iPhone. Portability isn’t a major...
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    Tailgating Campground?

    Are there any campgrounds that are friendly to tailgaters? Meaning a place to stay overnight during football weekends that do not have quiet hours starting at 10 PM which allow for a little more lively group, within reason of course. Planning to take my camper to Ames for either the 1 Oct or...
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    House Party

    Group of 4 alumni looking for a house party tonight night of TCU game, 9 Nov. Anything out there?
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    Iowa / Bud beer Advertising Story

    Appears Iowa sells out easy. Saying one thing but doing something completely different when money is involved. University of Iowa's commitment to curbing binge drinking questioned after beer deal | Fox News
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    Know anything about Water Softeners

    I had a 64,000 / 2CF resin capacity Fleck 5600 SXT water softener installed in my new house that I bought via the internet. My water hardness is about 8. When I go through the setup process it provides me over 5500 gallons per regeneration cycle. I've also read that long regeneration cycles...
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    ESPN Poll on winning Big 12 Tourney

    Poll up on ESPN MBB main page concerning the winner of the Big 12 tourney. ISU is at 4% nationally, around 50% for the state of Iowa. Currently only ~650 votes have been cast in the state if Iowa. ... Can we do better? NCAA - Men's College Basketball Teams, Scores, Stats, News, Standings...
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    Lake Delhi Movie Trailer

    Figured this may be of interest... Find attached the Lake Delhi movie trailer link promoting a documentary that will help fund the rebuilding efforts. It's a pretty good tidbit of the situation and also provides contact information if you want to pre-order the documentary. There's an...
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    Backyard Cedar Shed

    Has anyone here built / bought a backyard cedar shed? I live near the Quad Cities and looking to put in a 10x12 Cedar Shed. I've haven't found anybody local that sells pre-built cedar shed and have been doing quite a bit of research on-line. I have found several kits (~$3000 - $4000) for ones...
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    Recruits - (Taylor)

    What are the odds the top recruits, including Tyler, follow Cael? I would assume some of the current wrestlers will follow but from a future perspective I am more worried about the redshirted freshmen class and incoming freshmen class. Any word? I would assume that Cael doesn't have enough...
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    Willie Warren 1.1% Chance going Pro?

    Confusing statements from Warren from OU on whether or not he is going to turn pro (98.9% vs 1.1%). He has some statements that talk about the need to dominate for a year without Griffin but then also talks about going pro he if can average 30 points for the rest of the tourney (that's just a...
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    Picture of football players - who's the small guy?

    Anyone seen this picture yet? I was trying to figure out who the smaller player is who's number appears to end in "6". I think the guy on the far right is Jesse Smith who is listed at 6', making the smaller guy around 5'2 to 5'4". No one appears close on the roster to this size... any ideas...
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    Angel Beds (Tempurpedic Style)

    I am in the market for a new cal king mattress. I quickly tried the tempurpedic beds at the local store but they are very pricey. Anyone ever heard of Angel Beds, which claims to make a comparable bed at about 1/2 the price. Their web site has many + reviews as well as many others that I...
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    Danny Manning as KU Head Coach if Self leaves?

    If Self leaves, it could put KU in a tough situation with Manning as an assistant. Would they be forced to give him the nod. Many times hiring an assistant may be OK, but with KU being a top school will they be settling to satisfy the fan base and past-legend/current assistant? If Manning...
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    Mayo forgiven by NCAA - Donates to Charity

    It's good to see that the NCAA is making consistent choices across all school and all players. ESPN - Mayo violates NCAA rule; makes donation to charity - Men's College Basketball What a joke... not even a game. For every time Mayo and these other guys get caught they don't get caught...
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    FreeLucca Site?

    I noticed the FreeLucca site is no longer working? Does this mean that Lucca is "Free"?
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    TV for Iowa Game?

    Is the ISU/Iowa game on TV? I see it's being covered by Versus but have never heard of it. Is this an entity that owns rights but the game is shown on other stations like Mediacom, ABC, ESPN, etc? I think we may have signed some new TV contract this year as part of the Big 12 but don't know...