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  1. IbSvU

    Shayok Out tonight, Questionable for Sat

    Most of the players on this team are the ****. Like, quite talented. Unfortunately, basketball is a team sport. Sometimes it’s easier when there’s a guy way better than everyone else like Monte, Georges, Royce, etc. Leads to fewer pissing contests.
  2. IbSvU

    *** Official Kansas State VS #20 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Wigginton is guarding the opposing team’s best perimeter player far too often. Also, this team falls for too many pumpfakes and needs to do a better job staying vertical at the rim instead of hopelessly swatting at shots
  3. IbSvU

    *** Official Kansas State VS #20 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    K state perimeter players could drive to the rim all game and no one on iowa State could. Tough to win with that circumstance.
  4. IbSvU

    Randy Pete LOL

    English my good so not is.*
  5. IbSvU

    Best Cyclone Game Dunker

    One dunk that was amazing, and is not often discussed nor well documented - and surprised the hell out of me - was Chris Allen posterizing Anthony Davis. That happened, right? Do I remeber it correctly? Can’t ever find video of that one.
  6. IbSvU

    National Championship

  7. IbSvU

    *** Official LIBERTY BOWL IOWA STATE Vs Memphis Gameday Thread ***

    Memphis discovering some defense when they venture outside of the Absolutely Awful Conference
  8. IbSvU

    Royce White article in Esquire

    Royce was an NBA level talent and one of the more naturally gifted players I’ve seen, but he would have had to semi-consistently work to improve his skills and work on/put more effort into his help and pnr D to stick around and make a discernible and prolonged impact in the NBA. Tough for...
  9. IbSvU

    Pumping the brakes on the Tournament

    Yup. One there and one on the Wofford board.
  10. IbSvU

    Pumping the brakes on the Tournament

    Neither enlightening nor thought-provoking. Go Cyclones!
  11. IbSvU

    ANALYSIS: Scouting the Memphis offense

    Memphis sounds like a worse version of Oklahoma St.
  12. IbSvU

    Thoughts on ISU vs Iowa

    Iowa sucks
  13. IbSvU

    Lard should start

    No doubts Coach Prohm is hoping he will earn his starting spot. I suspect it requires an attitude adjustment as much increasing focus and concentration. There's no doubt he's the most talented big on the team by far.
  14. IbSvU

    UNI At it Again

    UNI always blitzes superior teams at the beginning of the season by playing more focused basketball than them. Gotta match their intensity on defense to beat them. The lack of athleticism will do them in as always. They’re annoying.
  15. IbSvU

    Poll: Iowa State -13.5

    Cyclones by 47; Wigginton with 80
  16. IbSvU

    Montgomery leads nation

    He is amazing. Should be a pro after next season.
  17. IbSvU


    Kyle Kempt is the man! Go Kempt!!
  18. IbSvU

    Female Miami Fan gets TKO'd

    Obviously he wasn’t; his punch was very accurate. And there are other ways to stop it immediately, as have been discussed in this thread. Also, what if she was an alien that communicates by slapping police officers?
  19. IbSvU

    Female Miami Fan gets TKO'd

    They should also use common sense
  20. IbSvU

    Tubby Needs To STFU

    2-1, 106-69 Even garbage ISU is Tubbyville’s daddy