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  1. Cy Heavy

    MLB: Cubs problems

    Fully agree with everything you said. I also wonder how much of the early season woes are a hangover from the dismal playoff performance last year.
  2. Cy Heavy

    Blog on ISU's Contact with Gable

    By your criteria we wouldn't have hired Sanderson in the first place and he worked out well for the brief time he was coach. That said, I hope we get someone with experience. This team is built to win a national title now.
  3. Cy Heavy

    Bikers on Roads

    Well, when I bike to work from Ankeny to downtown DSM I have to ride on roads to actually get to the trail. It may also suprise you to find out that "bike trails" are also used by walkers, joggers, people with pets, rollerblades, etc. It can actually be dangerous for bikes to be riding along...
  4. Cy Heavy

    Bikers on Roads

    You can be as "annoyed" as you want, according to the Iowa Code, bicycles have the same right to the lane as any other vehicle: The Iowa Legislature Yes, in an accident between a bicycle and a car, the bike will probably lose. We get it Phadeus and Go Show. That is a risk we take to be on the...
  5. Cy Heavy

    Bikers on Roads

    It would also help if motor vehicles would stop at stop signs: YouTube - Who Stops At Stop Signs?
  6. Cy Heavy

    Bikers on Roads

    Very well said.
  7. Cy Heavy

    Stock up on your Templeton Rye

    Damn it, what else am I going to drink for breakfast?
  8. Cy Heavy

    Cutler a Bear!!!!!

    I look at like they traded Orton even up for him - the Bears haven't exactly had the best first round draft picks over the last decade... What I really liked about yesterday was the signing of Pace to help with the o-line. He might not be what he used to be but he'll help out and probably be a...
  9. Cy Heavy

    Best SNL Skit?

    chippendales, I still laugh each time I see it Eddie Murphy's buck wheat (sp?) is a close second
  10. Cy Heavy

    Hybrid vs Diesel

    we bought an 08 camry hybrid brand new in late 2007. Have loved it so far and have had zero problems with it for the 25K miles we've put on. The hybrid works wellf for us b/c we're commuting down to DSM every day from Ankeny and probably 80% of our miles are city. When we travel on the highway...
  11. Cy Heavy

    What is everyones gut feeling on ISU basketball next year

    w/o Brack: the same as this year w/ Brack: Maybe a few games better in the Big 12. I'm sorry, I just don't see this team being much better next year...I hope I'm wrong.
  12. Cy Heavy

    ISU jersey question

    Picked up an old FB away jersey for $10 at the JTS "open house" last fall
  13. Cy Heavy

    thoughts on the first three seasons for mcdermott...

    The numbers (both wins, losses and player retention) don't lie. This has been a complete failure so far and I really don't see it getting better. Even with the modest talent we have, he's not able to coach them up to a Big 12 level. If/when Brackins leaves we'll be at our usual spot at the...
  14. Cy Heavy

    Texans To Trade Sage To Vikings.

    This is tough for me as a Bears fan and an ISU alum. I'm happy that Sage will get a real chance to start though I hope he goes 0-2 versus the Bears each season.
  15. Cy Heavy

    Where to go from here???

    I see two more wins: at Neb and TT at home
  16. Cy Heavy

    Why was Wayne Morgan fired?

    I was one that was tired of WM and was glad to see him go when he was canned. I really though GMac was a great fit for our team and, at the time, was glad JP pulled him in before EIU could get to him. Unfortunately, WM's two post season trips in three seasons are looking like a fairy tale now...
  17. Cy Heavy

    Anybody actually still excited about the future

    I'm not sure excited is how I'd say I feel about the future but I've cheered ISU on through tougher times and plan to for the future.
  18. Cy Heavy

    What I Don't Understand...

    Never thought I'd also feel that way...:no:
  19. Cy Heavy

    Colorado Ski Help

    I've had luck going this route. I've been to all of the major resorts out there and my favorite place by far is Vail, you pay through *** for it, but it's so huge and gets some of the best snow in CO.
  20. Cy Heavy

    10 favorite rap songs

    God this thread makes me miss the 90's/college... Most of mine have been mentioned though I'll also throw out a few classic Hammer songs: U can't touch this Too legit to quit