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  1. I-stateTheTruth

    Cyclones in the pros (hoops) 2020-2021

    Training camps start this week in the NBA so I thought it was time for a new season's thread on our guys in basketball that have gone pro. We haven't really had a place for guys ballin' overseas so I left it as "in the pros" because I want to check in on guys like Ejim, Kane, D. Jackson etc. I...
  2. I-stateTheTruth

    Ex-Clone Rodney Harris elected mayor of Miami Gardens

    Rodney Harris (LB #52 in class of 1988) appears to be the winner of the mayoral race in the town of Miami Gardens. Looking for info to confirm. It appears that Rodney has been a football coach and law enforcement officer. More recently, he was vice mayor of Miami Gardens. If he survived the...
  3. I-stateTheTruth

    Cyclones in the NFL - 2020 - 2021 season.

    We didn't have a single place last year to post about Montgomery, Lazard, Klein, Osemele etc. so I'm starting this one.
  4. I-stateTheTruth

    Cyclones AND the NFL 2020: Off-season, draft, contracts, season review

    I thought we could use a thread to post info on guys who have been in the NFL and MIGHT get to the NFL. We have some good stories from the 2019-2020 season such as Allen Lazard and David Montgomery, and we hope to see Hakeem Butler back and competing for time on the field next year. I haven't...
  5. I-stateTheTruth

    Nice washington Post piece on ISU football

    Do they ever cover us for sports or only the caucuses? Anyway, this is a nice piece by John Feinstein...
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    NBA: **Cyclones in the NBA and G-League, 2019-2020

    The season kicks off tomorrow (10/22) and we have more guys to follow than in recent memory, albeit not a lot of expected impact players. I'll try to post clips and guys' lines on here. Last year, we had quite a bit of discussion on Monte, who remains the hot bet to get the most PT of ex ISU...
  7. I-stateTheTruth

    Cam Lard signs with Turkish club

    Did we all miss this? I did and I couldn't find it on the CF boards anywhere. Cam Lard has a 1-year deal in Turkey. I am going to try to find out more about this club to see if it's in Turkey's top flight because that is a good league (the USA's team needed a lot of luck to beat Turkey at the...
  8. I-stateTheTruth

    NFL: Roster cuts - Cyclones (not) in the NFL

    So, from what I can put together, we know of the following transactions Players on active rosters: David Montgomery - Bears A.J. Klein - Saints Kelechi Osemele - Jets Jomal Wiltz - Dolphins "Other": Hakeem Butler - on IR (broken bone in hand) Willie Harvey - Browns' practice squad Allen Lazard...
  9. I-stateTheTruth

    Ejim vs. Team USA

    The USA World Cup team takes on Canada in an exhibition in Australia on Monday, August 26. That game will be aired on NBA TV at 5:30 am ET / 4:30 am CT. That will also be streamed live on FuboTV (which apparently you can try for free - don't have the details). My guess is that NBA TV will re-air...
  10. I-stateTheTruth

    Nick Weiler-Babb signs to play in German league

    Nick will be teaming up with Hans Brase, who just played his rookie year in the German league (I wonder if he's getting those knees back to where they were a few years ago?)
  11. I-stateTheTruth

    Donovan Jackson - playing in Europe

    So, I missed all this. Apparently Donovan Jackson played with a club called Pardubice in the Czech Republic (I'm still using that name). He averaged 14 points a game and has just signed with a Greek club (which is probably an upgrade in pay). There isn't a lot of English language news on either...
  12. I-stateTheTruth

    NBA: Cyclones' off-season: contracts, draft, summer league

    With contracts up in the air for 4 of the 5 ex-Cyclones that saw NBA action this year, 2 declaring for the draft and the possibilities that Shayok will be looked at by NBA teams, I thought this would be a good place for discussion on the NBA off-season. Draft analysis for the current guys...
  13. I-stateTheTruth

    Bridget Carleton - B12 POY!!

    Good for her! What an ambassador for ISU. Here's a link to WRNL's article:
  14. I-stateTheTruth

    NFL: Cowboys moving on from David Irving

    Reported today by Dallas Morning News (picked up by Yahoo): Well, he hasn't been the greatest ISU ambassador but I hope he lands on his feet.
  15. I-stateTheTruth

    NFL: Reports: David Irving has missed multiple drug tests

    Several outlets have reported this story. This is from Yahoo Sports on the ex-Cyclone's situation: Mike Fisher of 247Sports reports Friday that Irving has failed to comply with the NFL’s drug policy by missing multiple tests the past two months. There is no indication Irving failed a test since...
  16. I-stateTheTruth

    Cyclones rated #20 in ESPN's way-too-early pre-season rankings

    This was just posted this morning - they mention Butler and Montgomery leaving for the draft. This week the MBB and WBB are both ranked #20. If you're looking for a magic number today...
  17. I-stateTheTruth

    NFL: Leonard Johnson signed by the Arizona Cardinals

    Good for him. Good luck, LJ!. Article:
  18. I-stateTheTruth

    Matt vs Dustin today in Valencia

    I knew it was coming up but it had slipped my mind. Tonight in Valencia, Matt Thomas' Valencia Basket Club took on Dustin Hogue's Dolomiti Energia Trento. Matt posted this:
  19. I-stateTheTruth

    NCAA cites Baylor - "lack of institutional control"

    From (Oct 1, 2018), her are the first 4 paragraphs of the article: Baylor University has been served with a formal notice of allegations after the NCAA completed its investigation into the school's handling of sexual assault allegations, according to a Fort Worth Star Telegram report...