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  1. ISUCY11

    These are

    18-22 year old kids, who simply had a collective bad game. It hurts us as fans to watch our boys lose, but I'm sure it hurts them even more than we can imagine. This is a team that bleeds cardinal and gold like nothing we've seen since the Hoiberg playing days. As much as we, as fans, like...
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    How about a big positive:

    I thought our shot selection was tremendous. I saw George, Bryce and even Naz pass up the same threes they missed on Saturday for the extra pass and good looks inside. That's what built the big lead, and was imo some of the most impressive sharing I've seen out of this team.
  3. ISUCY11

    Barry Stevens Celebrity Game

    When will tickets be available the day of the game? (not through ticketmaster). And what time will the Hilton doors open? Seems hard to find concrete info on the event...
  4. ISUCY11

    OT: Patrick Ewing and Ozzie Guillen

    Young Knicks Player Keeps Asking About Patrick Ewing NEW YORK—Sources within the New York Knicks organization report that outspoken Knicks guard Nate Robinson continues to ask pressing questions concerning the whereabouts of "the supposed big-time legend" Patrick Ewing during team...
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    Terrible Jackie Robinson Article I can't believe this is the lead article on It's basically saying Jackie Robinson would be mad that young black athletes are choosing football and basketball over baseball. So what if there aren't a huge number of black...
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    Favorite NFL team?

    now this is more like it...
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    Marcus Fizer Found an interesting article from the end of last season. Does anyone know where he is now?
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    Great article on Greg Oden

    He's the kinda guy I'd want on my team, not for his skill or ability, but because he has the attitude EVERY coach is looking for.
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    02-03 vs. 06-07

    The more I think about it, the more I realize this team resembles the 2002-03 squad Eustachy put on the floor. A rebuilding team, with a couple of good role players from years past. Definitely a lot of talent and upside for the coming years, and hopefully DMac can take it a little further than...
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    and to think...I used to like the Nuggets!

    I just saw none other than Reggie Evans, Eduardo Najera and Linas Kleiza on the floor at the same time. Disgusting! Not to mention Drew Gooden, Daniel Gibson and Scot Pollard on the other side of the ball. I'm all for the Big XII being successful at the next level, but while I watch this...
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    ISU Future Predictions

    So ISU has had recent success in both Basketball and Football, but the present definitely seems like a time of rebuilding. So when do we get back to prominence, or even better, when do we take that next step? I'll post a list of accomplishments, and everyone can predict how soon ISU can...
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    Gottlieb gives ISU props

    I'm watching the Memphis/Houston game on ESPN and of all people to compliment Iowa State, it's Doug Gottlieb! After calling us "downright awful at times" against Bradley, he came back to say McDermott has us pointed in the right direction and talked about our first couple conference games...
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    Larry Westbrook Update

    Just a quick update on college basketball's next rising star. Currently averaging just over 4 points a game in just under 10 min of playing time for the up and coming 6-8 Gophers. Its gonna be a shame when he only makes 2nd team all-american...
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    ISU tied for #60 in BBall/FBall rankings
  15. ISUCY11

    Greg Oden

    I have never heard one player that is not involved in the game be talked about as much as this guy. If he doesn't come in and put up 30 and 15 every night, Dickie V might just keel over. The hype is just unreal! They are talking about him more than one of the most exciting college basketball...
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    Jordan Bernstine - Deace brings up a good point

    Chizek better get on the phone quick and get him converted. All you gotta say is "look at who I coached at Texas and look where they are now..."
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    Still Harbaugh

    makes sense.
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    WOW - (The only word to describe Mike Taylor)

    Watch out Dedric, Mike Taylor may just break your record for most 3s in a the FIRST HALF! 6 of 6 to start the game! When he shoots he makes you say, "why did he take that!?" then all you hear is swoosh...WOW.
  19. ISUCY11

    Greg McDermott...Head Football Coach?! lol, makes me laugh when people in Lansing want Tom Izzo as their FOOTBALL coach...why?!
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    ISU LAX @ EIU tonight

    i'd like to say goodluck to our club lacrosse team tonight as they travel to IC to destroy the EIU squad. a couple of my roomates are on the team, and they're def excited to kick the S#!T outta the squawks. it'll be a good preview to tmr's beating.