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    Jeff Hornacek funny article
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    Bracketology- Joe Lunardi

    Sorry if already posted/discussed, but wanna hear what some of ya'll think of this. I normally really enjoy following Joe Lunardi's Bracketology on ESPN throughout the season and generally agree with his placement of Iowa State over the...
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    In search of: Iowa State throwback jersey

    Hello fellow fanatics, Hoping someone here can help me out. I'm in search of a throwback Iowa State Basketball jersey from the Tinsley/Fizer era. I've looked thoroughly online but no luck. Does anyone have any recommendation on trying to track down one of these?
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    Red Zone Turnovers

    Been thinking about this a lot since the TCU win. In both our wins against top 4 teams, we have forced red zone turnovers in crucial points in the game. At OU, with around 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, Baker fumbled from the ISU 5 yard line. Against TCU, we picked off Kenny Hill and forced...
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    8 tix available for KU Game

    I have 8 tickets for Monday night against Kansas Section 229 (corner) Row 17 (top row) Seats 1-8 I know these are top row, but not bad seats in Hilton! Don't wanna miss the atmosphere. $50/per ticket Thanks y'all. Go state
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    Favorite CyHawk Game?

    What's everyone's favorite game in the history of this rivalry? Trying to focus on the good games/memories from the past a little bit prior to Saturday's matchup. Mine is the 2014 win in Iowa City. It was my senior year of college and I watched with my Dad and cousin and we went crazy when...
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    Kentucky article trolling Perry Ellis

    Look at this without laughing, I dare you.
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    ESPNU Podcast quote- Andy Katz

    Listening to a podcast titled "Hilton Magic" today from ESPNU- College Basketball There was a segment towards the end where people send questions in and I found this question and answer interesting from Andy Katz. Which Top 25 team is most dependent on a single player this season? Answer-...
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    Potential UAB Line

    IF Iowa state gets another shot at UAB, what are everyone's thoughts on what Vegas would set the line at? Of course they consider all factors, but will they increase the line dramatically because of last years tournament loss and ISU players having revenge on their mind? I would think it'd be...
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    Team mentality moving forward

    After that heartbreaker, curious on everyones thoughts on how the team will approach the rest of the season. Are the guys still gonna be 100% motivated? Chances of making a bowl are virtually gone, but crazier things have happened. Frustrating to see a talented team only show glimpses of their...
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    Bothers me the most

    I have no hard feelings toward the Mayor and trust that this move is what is best for his career and his family and I just became a huge Chicago Bulls fan... But having grown up die-hard Iowa State fan I am struggling to get over that Fred was ok with leaving with his last game as a head coach...
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    Big 12 Tournament predictions

    I know there was a poll on who will win the tournament in Kansas City this weekend but I wanted to see what everyones thinking on the entire tournament? Whos in the semis who makes it to the championship and who wins? Who's player of the tournament? I like ISU beating Kansas in the finals...
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    Matt Thomas predictions

    As Matt Thomas has obviously been in a recent slump that he hasn't been able to quite break through, I just wanted to see what you guys are thinking will end up happening the rest of the season and into next year as an offensive weapon. It's been so frustrating to see such a solid player...
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    Tailgating Hilton Madness?

    Just curious how many people were considering coming to Ames early to tailgate on October 18th. Should be fairly warm and I think tailgating this event would be really fun even though the football game is away.
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    Oklahoma State Road Trip

    A couple buddies of mine and I are seriously considering heading down to Stillwater this weekend for the game as it is our last good chance to road trip to a game due to busy schedules the rest of the season. Has anyone been down there for a football game and have any recommendations or tips...
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    2014-15 expectations vs. 2013-14 expectations

    What is everyones view on expectations for this years team vs last year? I remember last year around this time we weren't being given much credit because of losing Lucious, Clyburn, Mcgee and Babb, and we were even picked like 9th or 10th in the Big 12 by that stupid USA Today poll. Now we are...
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    Who will get Myles Turner?

    Big 12 contenders for #2 overall recruit are Texas, Kansas, and Ok State. Arizona, Duke, and Ohio State in the mix as well Texas is said to be the favorite
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    Friday Night in Kansas City

    Great win today for the Cyclones. BWW in Ames today was like a miniature Hilton- pretty loud. A couple buddies of mine and I are considering going down tomorrow night for the Kansas/Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State game. We don't have tickets but are gonna attempt to scalp or find some online...
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    Iowa State Ranking January 6th

    Lots of top ten teams losing this week and Wisconsin in trouble vs. Hoks
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    Ok State looking real solid

    Anyone else seeing this? Memphis does not have an answer. This team is fast and very good. Not gonna be fun playing in Stillwater this year.