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    Worst Sports Fans (By city) Poll

    Went to the Eagles Vikings playoff game several years ago. Not sure where they all came from but the Philly fans confirmed and even exceeded the worst fans in America reputation. Fights in breaking out in every section, never seen anything quite like it to this day. Imagine an entire fanbase of...
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    Radon Mitigation

    We hired Neighbors Heating and Cooling out of Ames in 2014. Levels went from consistently above 10.0 pCi/L to 0.6 that day. Could not be more pleased with their professionalism and quality of work. ISU alumni.
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    If you could ask Rhoads 1 question...

    What changed for you philosophically after signing the infamous 10-year contract extension now known as the football program death punch?
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    What does Rhoads have to do?

    1) Personally refund all football ticket purchases made in 2013, 2014 and 2015 2) Demote himself to a position coach on defense 3) Shred his 2020 contract live on social media to attract recruits' attention to the beginning of a new era in Ames If the above criteria are satisfied I am okay with...
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    ***Official UNI @ Iowa State Prediction Thread***

    Rhoads punts on a 4th and 2 in UNI territory in the 1st quarter. Ball game. UNI - 30 ISU - 17 We then beat Iowa in week 2.
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    Seasons Predictions - Post your Win chance for each game

    UNI: 60% Iowa: 50% Toledo: 40% KU: 70% Tech: 25% TCU: 2% Baylor: 1% Texas: 30% OU: 1% OSU: 30% KSU: 20% WVU: 33%
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    Ultimate Iowa Wonders List

    Mines of Spain Recreation Area near Dubuque - my favorite hiking place in the state High Trestle Trail bridge - worthy of the hype as the most iconic cycling spot Iowa State Fair - not my thing but has to be included in any list like this Lake Okoboji - beautiful natural lakes with so much to do...
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    So, uhh, here's the new 2015 ISU "Football" Commercial

    It's the pewter family of football promos.
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    So, uhh, here's the new 2015 ISU "Football" Commercial

    Ready for some Power 5 football after that!
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    $99 mini-pack (UNI, IA, game of choice)

    There can be fundamental differences in fans. To me the games are nothing more than entertainment which I weigh the time and value against other forms of entertainment. There has to be a point where a fan (customer) can question the value in the university's asking price and look for an alternative.
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    $99 mini-pack (UNI, IA, game of choice)

    Also should point out there's an additional $21 fee for 2 tickets so add that to your per ticket cost on these.
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    $99 mini-pack (UNI, IA, game of choice)

    This is correct. It gives me rows 26 and 27 for the upper deck package, which is I believe is as high as it gets up there. Giving rows 23 and 25 for the lowers, which might not be bad. On the fence with it right now. Question is whether you can get into the same 3 games for less using Stubhub...
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    $99 mini-pack (UNI, IA, game of choice)

    Same here with the error message. Was wondering if it lets you pick your exact seats or not before deciding.
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    Friday 5: “30 for 30â€￾

    1. Hillsborough 2. Pony Express 3. Rand University 4. The U Part 1 5a. Catching Hell 5b. Ghosts of Ole Miss
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    Cyclone Football Preseason Predictions!

    My exact prediction above. At 2-10, Jamie still doesn't want to fire Rhoads and eventually gets strong-armed by President Leath. New coach for 2016.
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    Prohm Hired As ISU MBB Head Coach

    Exactly. Hope TJ sticks around in his current capacity, if not I'm just incredibly relieved he wasn't the HC pick.
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    Prohm Hired As ISU MBB Head Coach

    Welcome Coach Prohm!! Definitely approve of this hire, especially considering the realistic options out there.
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    *** COACHING SEARCH THREAD: Thursday, June 4 ***

    #anyonebutOtz The JP buddy system of hiring and questionably retaining coaches does not need another chapter.
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    List of potential replacements should Fred Hoiberg leave

    Promoting Otz would be the most Iowa State move ever. Path of least resistance for JP who can also underpay the position, while getting someone who "loves ISU" and is assumed a longer leash with the fanbase.
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    WWJD- What Will Jamie Do?

    Well, at least TJ hasn't shown the propensity to mysteriously turn his back on us.