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  1. ExCyment

    Grant Treiber commits

    Welcome big fellow, and happy birthday.
  2. ExCyment

    Any Iowa residents bought a vehicle outside the state?

    Um, it's not Iowa, all states do. Even if you buy a car overseas drive it for a year there and bring it to the states you pay sales tax when you first register it in the states.
  3. ExCyment

    Why is Kinnick Stadium considered historic?

    Because historically bad teams played there for so many years.
  4. ExCyment

    Michael Rapaport restrains passenger on a plane

    There is roughly 10,000 lbs of force holding that door closed on a pressurized aircraft at altitude. Probably wasn't going to open.
  5. ExCyment

    The infamous Liberty Bowl fumble

    Statistically with a large sample they should be. It would be interesting to compile data to see if the blue bloods get more calls, especially the favorable non conclusive calls.
  6. ExCyment

    The infamous Liberty Bowl fumble

    Well I guess your lack of understanding of the rules is the problem here. The leading tip of the football just has to touch the first bit of white for it to be aTD. If any part of the ball crosses the leading plane of the front edge of the line, it is aTD. It clearly did while under control...
  7. ExCyment

    UNI vs. ISU - thoughts/predictions?

    Our secret weapon from Princeton negates the UNI back door. I think it comes down to if Lard can stay on the court. Hard for me to believe UNI has the athletes to handle him. Shame on the poster that compared him to McKay. I really think freshman Lard is already better than Sr. Jameel...
  8. ExCyment

    Jacob Park to transfer

    So Tommy isn't suppose to ask Park about the obvious inconsistencies in his story, or at least point them out in the story? Tommy probably even ran a story about Park's messages over Thanksgiving thanking among others Cyclone fans for their support. Next time Tommy should do his freakin job...
  9. ExCyment

    The “Push”

    I'm still outraged about the play, I thought the ball went off of Pemsl after it bounced off a still airborne Hans.
  10. ExCyment

    *** Official Alcorn St. Vs IOWA STATE Gameday Thread ***

    Anyone have the stats for the +- point differential for when Beverly is on the court. Just want to see if I am unfair to him or not. My perception is that it is not good at all.
  11. ExCyment

    Chad is mad at Fran

    Huh, a racist statement about racists.
  12. ExCyment

    Imma take my Ball and go.... to Europe?

    I think they can probably afford the tuition any time they want.
  13. ExCyment

    Tool Shopping: Drill/Driver kit recommendations

    Might look into your original Ridgid line. Compatible with what you already have, and a lifetime battery warranty. I bought a driver/drill set to go with my 10+ year old set of Ridgid tools I have. They still work after 10 years, but the battery life is significantly less. Curious to see how...
  14. ExCyment says Big 12 should be adding UCF and USF

    They're bad in that they are a small (UNI sized) private school in a pro city with relatively few fans in a market the Big 12 already owns. They are the best football team that was available during the crisis, but they are not really an asset to the Big 12 with regards to fanbase or footprint...
  15. ExCyment says Big 12 should be adding UCF and USF

    and UCF and USF (or any other candidates) would change that how?
  16. ExCyment says Big 12 should be adding UCF and USF

    I think the Big 12 survives and ESPN dies:) How ironic and sweet that would be.
  17. ExCyment says Big 12 should be adding UCF and USF

    Why would anyone want to expand? The Big 12 is so much better than the bloated divisional "conferences." Also you don't want to add to the ranks of Power 5 schools if things fall apart. Soon I would think the playoff will expand and include each conf champ. When it does Texas and Oklahoma...
  18. ExCyment

    *** Official Northern Illinois Vs IOWA STATE Gameday Thread ***

    If they play like they did in the second half, they can always wear those ugly green uniforms
  19. ExCyment

    College Football Playoffs Thread

    No way OSU gets in over Alabama, hopefully blowing this whole thing up. An 8 team playoff with 5 champions and 3 at large would do wonders for stability.
  20. ExCyment

    Bowl Game Projections

    Honestly what's it have to do with the conference? It was better for the conference for ISU to win. Makes both TCU's and OU's loss to us look better helping in both the play off and NY6. A certain official being influenced by gambling money is possible, Big 12 conspiracy doesn't make sense...