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  1. ExCyment

    Nice article on ESPN with ISU mention
  2. ExCyment

    MSU loses yet again this time to the Huskers.

    They have taken quite the tumble, in East Lansing too. Not such a quality win for anyone any more. Nebraska 72(12-8, 4-3 Big Ten) (11) Michigan State 71(16-4, 3-4 Big Ten)
  3. ExCyment

    2 tickets for MBB Oklahoma March 2 Sec 204 row 17 w/ parking pass

    I can't make it because I'll be in Russia (really). Just $100 for the pair and pass. Every penny will be added to my cyclone club donation. A real bargain if this game turns out to be for at least a piece of the Big 12 title. PM me if interested.
  4. ExCyment

    2 tickets for MBB Texas Tech Saturday $50 for both

    Sect 204 Row 17 two tickets together for the revenge game. I will email you the tickets. Please PM if interested. Just $50 for the pair OBO.
  5. ExCyment

    2 tickets for Big Monday vs Texas Sec 204 Row 17

    Two tickets for Big Monday and a States & Century level parking pass. $100 OBO for everything. Priced below anything on the ticket exchange. I will mail them out priority or possibly meet in the Council Bluffs/Omaha area. PM me if interested.
  6. ExCyment

    2 upper deck corner tickets for Southern free, just pay transfer fee.

    Can't go at the last minute. If anyone can use these let me know. They are top row upper deck, but I'm guessing you'll be able to move to better seats in this one if you want. PM me an email address and I'll set up the transfer. Transfer must be complete I believe 1 hour prior to tip off. I...
  7. ExCyment

    2 corner tickets and parking pass to Arkansas

    Section. 204 row 17 seats 5 and 6 with a century parking pass. $40 for all. I've been sent overseas and won't make it back for this one. PM me if interested.
  8. ExCyment

    pair of tickets + parking pass for Georgia St 17 November; just $30

    Sec 204 Row 17 seats 5,6. Cheaper than any on the ticket exchange and you get a C6 parking pass. Monday night non conference isn't worth the 5 hour round trip drive for me. $30 for everything.PM if interested. Tickets Sold
  9. ExCyment

    2 tickets and parking pass for Viterbo just $25 for everything.

    Section 204 row 17 seats 5 & 6. $25 for the whole thing OBO. I'll mail them out Monday morning. PM me if interested. 5 hour round trip isn't worth it on a Friday night for me for this one.
  10. ExCyment

    Foul trouble

    The biggest key to the rest of our games will be foul trouble. We can't afford to have Kane or Ejim on the bench for long periods and certainly not at the same time. Hogue and Monte are also needed on the court. We could probably overcome the loss of any other players as long as Naz is around to...
  11. ExCyment

    FS:2 MBB OSU Sec 204 row 17 5,6 $30/pair

    FS:2 MBB OSU Sec 204 row 17 5,6 $30/pair SOLD Need to sell a pair of tickets for the last two games. Just PM me if interested in these or the same for the W Virginia revenge game. The game is Sat, March 8th, at 1 pm.I accept paypal and will mail these out ASAP. *** tickets sold ****
  12. ExCyment

    FS:2 MBB W Virg Sec 204 row 17 5,6 $30/pair

    SOLD FS:2 MBB W Virg Sec 204 row 17 5,6 $30/pair Along with the Russian Hockey team I will be in Siberia for awhile.:yes: I really will be. Need to sell tickets for the last two games since that commute is killer. Just PM me if interested in these or the same for OSU. I accept paypal...
  13. ExCyment

    2 MBB Texas tonight free, just pay transfer fee

    My son is sick so I won't be going, just want to get butts in seats. PM me your email and I will transfer the tickets to whoever responds first ASAP. Warning you have to complete the transfer by 4 pm (2 hrs prior to 6 pm tip) Sec 204 row 17 5&6. edit**** tickets gone
  14. ExCyment

    2 MBB TT 15 Feb, Sec 204; $30 for the pair

    Can't get a kitchen pass for both Sat and Tues so I'm going to the Texas game. These are Sec 204 Row 17 seats 5,6. Price is right at $30 for the pair. PM me if interested. I accept paypal and will mail the tickets.
  15. ExCyment

    2 MBB TCU 8 Feb, Sec 204; $40 for the pair

    $40 OBO for both. Top row. I accept paypal for payment. I will mail the tickets and e-transfer if the weather messes with the post office. PM me if interested.
  16. ExCyment

    FS: KSU 2 tickets MBB Sec 204 row 17 5,6 $40/pair

    Just what it says, PM me if interested. Accept paypal payment only. I'll pay the transfer fee.
  17. ExCyment

    2 top row upper deck for Kansas

    It's my 5 year old's birthday, my wife has a staff infection in her sinuses, and my teenage daughter totaled a car last night. Unfortunately too much going on for me to finally witness a beat down of Kansas in person. These are section 204 row 17 I believe seats 5 and 6. I will take the best...
  18. ExCyment

    FS: 2 for Baylor 7 Jan, Sec 204; $40 for the pair

    Can't make it, section 204 top row $20/each as a pair. Can mail or transfer. PM me if interested.
  19. ExCyment

    Where is Calvin Godfrey now?

    I got to thinking how much better this team might be down low if Calvin had kept his nose clean. Ejim is a monster now, but Calvin out-shined him as a freshman. This was probably posted when it happened, but it looks like he went to Howard and then committed to LSU(to be closer to...
  20. ExCyment

    2 MBB for OSU Sec 231 (just inside free throw line)

    $40 each OBO. Good seats in sec 231 row 8 just 2 from the aisle. Saw every bad call Monday night perfectly from these seats. Help start the new streak! I unfortunately have my Mother in laws birthday to go to instead:sad: