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    Celebrating a Kid in the Hospital?

    The Iowa wave is what it is, but this comes across like bragging or celebrating the kid being in the hospital. I hope I'm wrong and I hope someone tells me why I'm misinterpreting it.
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    Big 12 Championship Game Schedule

    The Big 12 Championship game is currently scheduled for December 12th or December 19th. I know the conference had an option built in so adjustments could be made depending on how/when covid situations happened during the season. Does anyone know when they will officially make the decision on...
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    Cyclones at Baylor Game Time

    When can we expect to know the game time for the game at Baylor? Is it still 2 weeks out before they announce that? Thanks.
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    Cyclone Fan Fest 2018 ??

    Does anyone know when/if Cyclone Fan Fest 2018 is scheduled? I haven't been able to find anything through Googling. Thanks.
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    Account Upgrades?

    I apologize if I missed an announcement, but I noticed the category of Account Upgrades in the account profile. There were two options, Superfanatic and Superfanatic Annual. What do these two account upgrades change? Is one (or both) of these an ad-free option? Thanks, Jay
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    Looking for Information on Iowa State Bowling Ball

    I was given an Iowa State bowling ball by a coworker. It appears to be older as the logo is running Cy. It came with the box and bag. It's Brunswick, 15 lbs, never been drilled. I'm curious if anyone knows when these were made, how many were made, or if they were from the Memorial Union bowling...
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    2016 Spring Game

    Anyone have any idea how Coach Campbell ran spring games at Toledo? I'm guessing it will be similar at Iowa State. Similarities and differences to the spring games we saw Rhoads run? Thanks
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    FS: Two Tickets to Oklahoma Football Game on Nov. 7th

    I know this is a long shot at this late date, but I have two tickets to the Oklahoma football game on this Saturday, November 7th, available. It's an away game. The tickets were purchased through the Cyclones ticket office so I'm assuming they are in the Iowa State section. Tickets are in...
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    Active Cyclone group in Fairfield?

    Is there an active Cyclone supporters group of any sort in Fairfield, Iowa? Any place for a designated game watch etc? Thanks.
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    Flyover at game tomorrow?

    Apologies if it's been discussed elsewhere, but has anyone heard if there will be a flyover at the end of the Nation Anthem at the game tomorrow? I remember one two years ago when the game was in Ames, but hadn't heard anything yet this year. Thanks
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    Bowl game projection - What if Kansas wins?

    I've read most of the bowl game discussion and all the projections I can find. All make the (very safe) assumption that West Virginia wins against Kansas. But what if that doesn't happen? Are we back in the running for the Holiday Bowl? Or did we need that 7th win regardless of what happens...
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    What was going on in the SE corner of the stands at WV game?

    What was happening in the SE corner of the stands at the West Virginia game yesterday that had 4 or 5 sections watching, chanting something, and booing? I think it was 2nd quarter, a West Virginia player was down and being attended to, and boos were heard and I thought a chant that sounded like...