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  1. KnappShack

    Baby Cy

    Anyone remember Baby Cy? How is this little fella not around??
  2. KnappShack

    Cy at the Keg Stand??

    Sure looks like it given the 'Keg Stand' logo across his belly on the ad banner. Question: Does ISU approve any use of the mascot for advertising? Back in the day the cool Cy was on the signs of a couple of bars, but that was back in the day. Given how protective schools are now of their...
  3. KnappShack

    Can I take a bota on an airplane?

    It has the residue of many many different liquors in there. I don't wash it.....the flavor of the pour is built on the booze prior. So it smells like liquor. TSA going to snatch my tailgating liqour container or will it pass inspection?
  4. KnappShack

    Officially a Ford Man

    Made the jump and bought a Ford. Never thought in my life I would be on a Ford lot much less driving one off. Fingers crossed for good luck, but if that doesn't work I'll fall back in the warranty
  5. KnappShack

    Ford Fusion

    Took a 2009 Ford Fusion for a test drive today and came away impressed. Nice handling and ride with little road noise compared to some vehicles I've been in. Seems like a lot of car for the sticker price. But it's a Ford and the quality concerns me. Anyone have a Fusion? Is the quality there...
  6. KnappShack

    Are Iowans still upset with the smoking law?

    I haven't heard anything about it in quite some time.