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  1. Peter

    Aaron Rodgers

    Wants out of GB... the entire packers front office needs to be fired.
  2. Peter

    Vaccine reactions

    Got my second dose of Pfizer on Thursday and was completely wrecked all day Friday. High fever, chills, and crazy body aches. I’ve never hard a bad reaction to a vaccine before so this really caught me by surprise. Anyone else have a hard vaccine experience?
  3. Peter

    The last time we went winless in conference was 1937

    Sitting at 0-14 in conference play got me curious. The only other season we’ve gone winless in conference was 1936-1937. 0-10, 3-15 overall. We also had back to back 2 win season totals between 1923-1925. Lowest win total was 1907 when we finished 1-1. This team right now is historically bad and...
  4. Peter

    Elisa Lam doc on Netflix

    Anyone else watching? I remember when this happened. Crazy ass ****.
  5. Peter

    Transfer Portal Jammed

    Interesting read from Yahoo. Basically a ton of players are entering the portal with their fifth season. Could be over a thousand in the near future. And many won’t have a place to transfer. Wonder if Campbell will grab a few. We could use a couple bodies for each line and a kicker...
  6. Peter

    Mysterious Monoliths in Utah and Romania

    What do people think of the metal monolith in Utah? Another one just appeared in Romania. Aliens?
  7. Peter

    Kstate Baylor

    I read that if Kstate wins we officially clinch a birth in the tittle game. Anyone know the different scenarios?
  8. Peter

    *** Official NBA draft thread ***

    ISU has had only two players taken in the top ten: Marcus Fizer (no. 4) and Zaid Abdul-Aziz (no. 5). Will Haliburton be the third? I got him at no. 7 to the Pistons. But I could also see Minnesota or Golden State trading down to get him. Should be a fun night.
  9. Peter

    Why is our passing game hot garbage?

    Poor routes, bad throws, and no one is ever open. Same coaches and players from last year. What is going on?
  10. Peter

    Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

    Ghosts, UFOs, cryptoids? I’ve seen some weird **** and I’m always curious what others Have experienced. What’s your story?
  11. Peter

    Trade Baylor for Tulane

    Similar enrollment size. Waaaaay better academics. And how awesome would it be to go to road games in New Orleans instead of Waco?
  12. Peter

    Career advice: How did you find your path?

    Currently job hunting and looking to make a career pivot. Sick of being underpaid for doing work I "love," and need to turn my fine arts background into something more lucrative and local (Madison, WI area). Wondering how others here have navigated similar transitions. Did your education lead...
  13. Peter

    MLB season on the verge of shutting down.

    First the Marlins, then the Phillies, now the Cardinals. Manfred threatening time pull the plug. Don’t think sports can happen without a well insulated bubble. Enjoy it while it lasts...
  14. Peter

    Ultimate Zillow listing

    Seriously. Take the tour. It’s worth it.
  15. Peter

    Toxic Boss - How do you cope?

    I work for an art dealer and my boss is insane. She treats everyone like her personal assistant and is constantly playing mind games. You never know when she will blow up about the slightest issue. Recently she tried to pressure me into attending a New Year’s Day party at her house by suggested...
  16. Peter

    *** Official Milwaukee Bucks Season Thread ***

    Fear the Deer! ...Any other Bucks fans in here?
  17. Peter

    Three Indiana judges suspended after brawl in White Castle parking lot.

    This is the most Indiana thing ever.
  18. Peter

    Purdy is a stud

    People on here saying he didn't play well. 30-41, 278, 2 TDs, no picks. Seems like a good line to me. And he threw himself on that fumble to save the the V. Team is confident with him in charge. Offense may need work but it will get there. Looking forward to him torching the Hawks.
  19. Peter

    Being sued in small claims court (legal help)

    My partner just received a summons and complaint notice for some past-due medical bills. It happened when she was super broke and didn't have any insurance. We are doing better now financially but definitely can't pay it all upfront. Neither of us has any legal experience and we are wondering...
  20. Peter

    Ja Morant

    Dude is fun to watch. Had a triple-double today on Marquette and a sick dunk. I now understand the hype; plus his name is ******* cool.