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    The Student Athlete Discussion

    I've been reading a lot lately about the student athlete and their situation. Including from many ISU athletes. The basic premise is the "rest of us" don't know what they go through. And in my case, they're right. I don't. But life is life. We all make our choices and we face our hurdles...
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    Range of Celebrations - Still Something Left in the Tank

    At this point in the season, my opinion is that the really good teams are getting better and know who they are and what their identity is. At best, I would give ISU a C on both of those things. So I went into yesterday's game thinking that this was either the start of a Hawkeye late season...
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    If you'd enjoy a high energy, intense, hard rock performance you MUST go see RHCP. I went last night in Lincoln. First off, we were by far the oldest people in the crowd (late 50's). I was shocked. Most of those kids were not in the womb when I was listening to "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" - but...
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    How'd You Pick Your Favorite Sports Teams?

    I'd really like to hear how others picked their favorite sports teams. I think about it all the time when I wonder how anyone could possibly like the Hawks or Cowboys - and then I think of myself and I realize they probably have a story. As for me, I didn't pick a single team - they all picked...
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    After The Family Leaves

    I love my family dearly and enjoyed every minute they were here. It was a joy. But before they left I was nearly curled up in a fetal position. And this is what I did as soon as they were gone. I think I smoked the cigarette in two drags. Any other experiences???
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    If You Can't Laugh at Yourself... Pre-Holiday Humor

    I've had a bizarre week. Almost everything that could go wrong... did. But last night topped it off and I've been laughing about it all day. BACKSTORY: I bought an old house last year. It had on old toilet that went swirl swirl swirl and then slowly and weakly flushed. Totally ineffective...
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    Hilarious - PSU Kicker Tackle

    I belly laughed when I saw this especially listening to the announcers aftermath and video.
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    NFL: Get Used to It

    He'll rip your hearts out, or save your soul. From my GB experenice, he'll mostly rip your hearts out. Enjoy.
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    MLB: Manny's Granny

    Did anybody else see this? On bobblehead night none the less!!!!! I believe baby. It's the year of blue, Dodgers to become WS champions!!! The Official Site of The Los Angeles Dodgers | Homepage YEAH BABY!
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    MLB: Mannywood... is back

    I for one, am pumped. Hopefully he'll be able to return to form and send the Dodger's from the best record in the majors to the World Series champions. Anybody out there have an opinion as to how his return will impact Big Blue?
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    Proud of my son

    Yesterday, my son was robbed at gunpoint while he was out on a walk - for a whopping $11. To make a long story short, he called his mother to come pick him up, they played deputy dog, and led the police to the robbers. Turns out the police believe these same two guys have been doing this all...
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    Christmas Music

    I have been streaming Christmas music on my PC the last few days and have been incredibly productive. Anybody else experience this? Although, I have to say the song "Santa's off on a sleigh ride" taken from Lou Reed's "Take a Walk on the Wild Side" was a little disturbing.
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    Black Friday or Post Holiday?

    My wife and I were having this conversation last night. All economic indicators say this is going to be a slow holiday season from a retail sales perspective. We were discussing whether it made more sense to try to get the early bargains or wait until after the season and the bargains in the...
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    I'm in the Dahl's parking lot getting ready to to go inside. I see two guys, both probably about 70 years old arguing in the parking lot. One was driving a gold truck with a red topper - with an American flag and and ISU flag on each side of the truck. The other guy was driving a black truck...
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    State of the Football Program

    Like everyone, I'm very disappointed in the W/L record of the 2008 squad. But I also see a lot of very positive things. I have to believe that the staff made the decision to fully commit to the type of football it wants to play in the future, and the players required for that type of football...
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    ISU FB at Johnny's, Nadas at Peoples

    Could be a GREAT ISU night in downtown Des Moines on Court Avenue. An ISU win followed by an ISU band, both in ISU bars. Good team. good band, good bars. Doesn't get much better than that.
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    Billingsley vs Zambrano

    Billingsley throws a lot of heat but is not nearly as crafty (or experienced) as Lowe. He's been the best pitcher on the Dodger's over the course of the season, but is prone to being wild in the early innings and can be rattled. If the Cubs can turn his fastball around a time or two early...
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    Jeff Kent Likely Out For Season

    Dodgers' Kent to undergo knee surgery - Baseball - The Dodgers have been absolutely killed with injuries this season. On the surface this looks big, but I'm not so sure I'm disappointed (for the team's chances, of course I'm disappointed for Kent). He's a bat and an RBI...
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    Guitar Hero Songs

    Didn't want to derail the thread about the 16 year old so started fresh. I've got guitar hero 3 and have made it most of the way through (hard, not expert). ANYWAY, I keep hoping to see "Sultans of Swing" by Dire Straits - that would be a GREAT GH song. Does anybody know if it exists on...
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    For Old Timers - Cheech & Chong are Back!

    que paaaasa maaannnn... Cheech and Chong feud goes up in smoke - Arts, books, more - This should be fun!