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  1. KerinKO

    WTB: Parking Pass for Akron game

    Looking to buy parking pass in A, B or C lots for Akron game on 9/22. Thanks.
  2. KerinKO

    A Cyclone Psalm

    So, I have a lot of down time, driving back to Ames from Omaha every weekend. And this is what I came up with tonight. My prayer for tomorrow: Paul Rhoads is my coach, I shall not worry. He makes us want to run through brick walls. He leads us into battle for the Cyclones sake. Even though we...
  3. KerinKO

    Gamewatch in Omaha?

    I am working and living in Omaha during the week, and I'm concerned that the local CBS affiliate won't show our game. If that is the case, is there a Cyclone friendly bar in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area where other Cyclones will be watching?
  4. KerinKO

    Need advice on selling JO/JW posters

    I have all 5 of the Johnny Orr/Jim Walden Bartles and Jaymes posters and I want to sell them, but not sure where would be the best place to list them, and also what they are worth. They are framed, not professionally, but framed none the less, and are in good shape. I thought Craigslist would...
  5. KerinKO

    ISU Football Helmet

    My sister wants to buy my nephew a full size replica ISU helmet for his ISU man cave. Does anybody know where she can get one? I've done some searches on google but haven't found anything. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. KerinKO

    Fred Hoiberg on Mike and Mike

    Fred will be on Mike and Mike at 7:37 this morning, I'm assuming to explain the big trade deal that the T-Wolves did last night. BTW, because of Wimbledon, M&M are on on the ESPN News Channel instead of ESPN2.
  7. KerinKO

    Husker Meltdown Radio

    If you can pick up 590 AM out of Omaha on your radio, I highly recommend listening to the post game call in show that they have after each kNU game. It's sure to bring a smile or two to your face!! :wink::yes:
  8. KerinKO

    Did I hear correctly? Larry Eustachy to coach at Barry Stevens Event?

    I was getting back in to my car and heard the tail end of a sports update on KXNO, and I thought I heard Cotlar say that Larry Eustachy will be coaching one of the teams at the Barry Stevens benefit game this Saturday. Has anybody else heard this? It'll be great if it's true. I've missed Larry!
  9. KerinKO

    Article on Lyndsey Medders

    This is a great article about Lyndsey from the Ventura County Star. I hope the link works!,1375,VCS_137_5226064,00.html