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  1. kkise

    And the 2021 Best Burger is...

    The gas or the burger weren't satisfying?
  2. kkise

    Grammatical Question

    Please be kidding. Haha.
  3. kkise

    Mt. Rushmore of ISU Athletics

    I second that.
  4. kkise

    All Conference Awards

    Sure. I'd be up for that.
  5. kkise

    Toxic Boss - How do you cope?

    Best of luck.
  6. kkise

    Toxic Boss - How do you cope?

    I'm sorry to hear that. I'll go with everyone else and say find a new job. Of course, maybe she's mad that your on Cyclone Fanatic all the time.:)
  7. kkise

    ISU seeks to match and exceed Texas Tech's toughness Saturday at Lubbock

    It's Vanilla Ice, so not really.
  8. kkise

    No Troll What We'd Like to See Discussion

    I agree with the last line. I'll still go to games and I still will be angry with losses, but that doesn't affect me as much. Thanks to BryceC for a good thread.
  9. kkise

    Congrats to Tyrese

    Way to go, Tyrese.
  10. kkise

    Will Iowa State Make NCAA Tourney?

    NIT is more likely, but I'll still hope for NCAA.
  11. kkise

    Will Iowa State Make NCAA Tourney?

  12. kkise

    Cinnamon Rolls or Corn Bread with Chili?

    Grilled cheese sandwich. Fritos. And a ton of cheese.
  13. kkise

    Highly Scientific Marshmallow Poll

  14. kkise

    Empty nest

  15. kkise

    A little help for a "die hard" Cyclone Football fan

    Thoughts and prayers for your dad.
  16. kkise

    Chili Season: Cracker Edition

    I'll add Fritos (or tortilla chips) and cheese. I'll dip with a grilled cheese sandwich.