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  1. CychiatricWard

    Brooks vs. Bryson

    Now with Brooks’ eye roll footage out there, hilarious by the way, what does everyone think of this “rivalry”? Whose side are you on? I hope they get paired together on the weekend in a major ASAP!
  2. CychiatricWard

    Mod Question

    How does the Dave Ramsey thread get locked but the various political threads regarding Trump and the lies his ponzies spread stay open with a ton of name calling and generalizations in there? Asking for a friend.
  3. CychiatricWard

    Very Early 2021 Top 25 Expectations

    With all the discussion about where we might finish the season, anywhere from 6 to 10 would be my guess, got me wondering where we start out next year. I think OU will be above us from the big 12, but that’s it. Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, Notre Dame and OU will all but guaranteed be above us to...
  4. CychiatricWard

    ***Official Signing Day Updates***

    Didn’t see a thread for this going on so wanted to get one started to gets any news, updates, surprises in here!
  5. CychiatricWard

    Storm Damage from Hail/Wind

    Hey fanatics! Shameless plug incoming, but not selling anything so that’ll make you feel better. I work for Shamrock Roofing in Des Moines as a Project Manager. Our number one goal is to help homeowners get the payout they deserve from insurance if there is reasonable and legitimate damage to...
  6. CychiatricWard

    Tyrus McGee - Disrespectful

    Big time dunk from Tyrus overseas! Love to see our guys still ballin.
  7. CychiatricWard

    Johnny's Bands

    Looking for 2 Johnny's bands for one of the upcoming games. Either Omaha or NDSU. If anyone had some, I would love to purchase them from you!
  8. CychiatricWard

    Roll Call - Iowa State/Iowa

    I live in Iowa City (Girlfriend is in law school, so I tagged along over here), but wanting to meet up with some fellow Cyclones on game day! Sister just snagged some sweet tickets for the game, too. Who's all headed to the game? and where will everyone be tailgating?
  9. CychiatricWard

    *** Official Masters Thread***

    I know we're still a few days away, but I'm excited to see what happens. Some really good storylines with Rory going for the all four, Phil just winning recently and Tiger being back. Those are just a few, and there are like 10 people I could see winning this thing. I'm going to go with Justin...
  10. CychiatricWard

    1/15 Rankings Four Big 12 teams in the top 10, and a 5th, TCU, at 24 still. Holy smokes! We play the 4th, 6th, and 8th teams twice still, the 10th once more, and the 24th twice as well. Murderers row right there.
  11. CychiatricWard

    10/29 Ranking

    Looks like 15,16, and 17, and 22 all lost yesterday. Others ahead of us that didn't look great either. With our big win, where do people think we end up today?
  12. CychiatricWard

    K-State vs. OU

    Oklahoma's defense really is that bad. K-State rocking a quarterback who can't throw very well, and they are getting owned up front. Not sure what happened in that Ohio State game. Either OU played out of their minds, or OSU isn't that good (my bet is OSU isn't that good).
  13. CychiatricWard

    Michigan vs. Michigan State

    I know weather is not ideal, but holy smokes this has been a bad game. Michigan's offense is horrendous. They have 5 turnovers at home. Good things their defense is legit, otherwise they would be down by 21+