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    ***WBB: 2022 Recruiting Thread***

    An awful lot to like there!!
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    Purdue just came back on High Point from 24-18

    I think Sunderland is generally very good - just don't ever listen to him when he starts explaining the rules!
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    Kylie Feuerbach in transfer portal

    I have sat 6 feet from the bench since 1998. Some of what we hear seems almost certainly intended to be mean and demeaning, often causing the women in our section to gasp. I remember an entire time-out spent screaming profanities at a sobbing Kelsey Bolte, who was standing behind the bench while...
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    The 2021 Senior Day Speeches and Senior Appreciation Thread

    So sorry to hear of Maddie's family's loss. I agree, this was one of her most consequential games in memory.
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    The 2021 NCAA WBB Tournament Discussion Thread (Go Cyclones!)

    This is not my experience. I've been either coaching HS or officiating HS/college continuously since '89. Every single HS gym I've worked in has permanent lines. I've been in one small college gym where the basketball lines are broken where passing through the continuous VB lines. I don't care...
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    Twister Sister Summary - burn the film...and be thankful

    Ashley makes me try to remember the hardest working WBB players. Start with Megan Taylor, Chelsea Poppins, Amanda Nisleit, etc., etc.
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    WBB: ISU vs Oklahoma State 6:30 p.m. EPSN+

    Probably the most impressive stat to me was out rebounding OSU.
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    WBB: ISU vs Oklahoma State 6:30 p.m. EPSN+

    Thanks, I kept searching for media guide, and could never find it!
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    WBB: ISU vs Oklahoma State 6:30 p.m. EPSN+

    Does anyone know how to properly pronounce Kylie's last name? I have heard announcers go back and forth between FUR-bok and FEWER-bok, even within the same game.
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    ***WBB: 2023 Recruiting Thread***

    Really looks like she could be special!!
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    Ryan is Miss Kansas Basketball

    Congrats Emily - can't wait to see you play!!
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    ***WBB: 2020 Recruiting Thread***

    I'm guessing she may give us some grief, as well.
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    ISU vs KST

    Yes, she was. Been suiting for the past few weeks.
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    FERGUSON: Win over Texas will pay major dividends for Cyclones

    Actually, I think AD might have benefited from Maddie's absence as much as anyone!
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    Twister Sister Summary - changeup leads to much needed win

    Looked at it closer yesterday. Seemed to have some battery packs, possibly giving electro-stimulation?
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    Sisters vs Kansas, 1/25/20

    Kansas vs. Iowa State Date/Time: Saturday, Jan. 25 at 2 p.m. (CT) Where: James H. Hilton Coliseum (Ames, Iowa) Listen: Jayhawk Radio Network with Jimmy Chavez Watch: Cyclones TV (Subscription needed) with Dave Sprau and Molly Parrott calling the game. I've never started one of these before, so...
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    Twister Sister Summary - changeup leads to much needed win

    During several of her breaks, she was wearing a back brace that appeared to be able to have cold or heat applied.
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    Twister Sister Summary - more of the same leads to another loss

    If nobody is cutting, picking or moving to get open, what choice does she have - pick it up and get trapped? Haven't we been making this complaint about CBF teams for 15 years?
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    WBB: Cyclones host TCU Horned Toads tonight in Ames

    Not bothersome to me at all, and I disagree with CBF on many things, but he's absolutely right on this one. I officiated BB for pay, from the JUCO level down, for almost 25 years. I expect WAY more than being consistent, I expect the rules to called as written. The NFHS ( who write and...
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    Twister Sister summary - Third quarter leads to loss

    Someone sitting close to us purported to know that she would be in uniform for the next home game.