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  1. JohnnyFive

    Farmageddon 100 statistics

    A few statistics for the 100th meeting of Farmageddon. First meeting: November 10, 1917 Iowa State 10, Kansas State 7 Longest win streak: Iowa State, 10 (1943–52) Kansas State, 10 (1994–2003) Current win streak: Kansas State, 8 (2008–present) Iowa State leads the series, 49–46–4 The rivalry...
  2. JohnnyFive

    Uthoff swoon

    FG's last 8 games: Penn State 5-12 Illinois 7-17 Indiana 8-20 Minnesota 8-19 Penn State 5-14 Wisconsin 3-12 Ohio State 5-14 Indiana 5-17 46-125 (36%) last eight games 18-57 (31%) last four games
  3. JohnnyFive

    Predict the All-Big 12 teams

    There are still three games left to play but I was talking to a Kansas fan this weekend and he brought up a good point: this year's All-Big 12 teams will be fascinating because of how many options voters will have to pick from, and how the standings play into that. Does someone from West...
  4. JohnnyFive

    Basketball conference rankings

    I think we knew already but this article points out that the Big 12 is the top basketball conference from top to bottom and it's really not close. The Top 10 Rank Conference Avg. BPI* BPI Top 50 1 Big...
  5. JohnnyFive

    The Big 12 as a basketball conference

    Obviously the Big 12 has a very competitive basketball league and the round-robin schedule is great. But to me the non-conference schedule tells me a lot more about how deep a league is. If there was any doubt the Big 12 was the toughest basketball conference this season, I think today's AP poll...
  6. JohnnyFive

    Kris Dunn

    So this is why everyone raves about Kris Dunn: @KevinMcNamara33: Kris Dunn finishes with 22 points-10 rebounds-9 assists-7 steals Providence won 83-76 against NJIT.
  7. JohnnyFive

    Drunken Russian sailor beaches 7,000-ton ship

    The only shocking thing to me in this story was that it was rum he drank and not vodka.
  8. JohnnyFive

    Lard commitment?

    Just saw this. Anyone see it anywhere else? @TheronHoopFests: 2016 4Star 6'8 PF Cameron Lard @ThatD1Boi (Landry-Walker HS, New Orleans, LA) has committed to Iowa State. @noelitebball
  9. JohnnyFive


    Has anyone seen Kansas State play this year? I wanted to watch the Baylor @ KState game but I had to work that night and didnt get around to watching it. It seems like they've been competitive for the most part. Judging from the stats it looks like Bill Snyder is using their QB Joe Hubener...
  10. JohnnyFive

    Monte Maestro Morris

    I was reading some preseason ISU basketball stuff today on, and it seems like every time I read something about Monte Morris there's a new statistic that blows my mind... -Monte had a 4.63 assist-to-turnover ratio last year after setting the record with a 4.79 a/t ratio his...
  11. JohnnyFive


    Announcer just said they've gone 14 straight quarters without scoring a touchdown. Then there's this: @BarrettSallee: Missouri has failed to convert 20 straight third down opportunities. Twenty. Edit: Missouri just converted a third down after I posted this. Announcer said they're 3-44 on...
  12. JohnnyFive

    St Johns

    SIAP but St John's just lost their exhibition by 32 points to a DII St Thomas Acquinas
  13. JohnnyFive

    Caller on Morning Rush

    Anyone listening this morning and hear the angry delusional Big 10 fan call in to talk about how Nebraska won all its football national titles because the Big 8/12 was a bunch a patsies and that the Big 12 is an awful basketball conference, now and throughout its history? The guy didn't even...
  14. JohnnyFive

    MLB: MLB Awards

    Major League Baseball's awards get announced in a month or so but I wondered who the Cyclone Fanatic crowd predicts to win them since each major award seems like they'll be close calls this season. My picks are below. AL Cy - Dallas Kuechel NL Cy - Jake Arrieta (in the closest vote in MLB...
  15. JohnnyFive

    Mateen Cleaves

    For years I didn’t like Mateen Cleaves because of what he and Michigan State did to us in the 2000 Elite Eight. But the more I hear him breakdown the college game on CBS’ CBB show, the more I respect him. Throw in all the work he does with Monte Morris to prepare him for the season, and I don’t...
  16. JohnnyFive

    ISU fans left an impression

    Great recap of the weekend by CBS' Dennis Dodd. Check out this gem... 'After ISU also stood for NKLU (No keg left untapped)'
  17. JohnnyFive

    The ISU/Kansas rivalry

    This article suggests that we have become Kansas' top rival since Missouri left. I think we've all kind of thought this for at least two seasons now, and maybe it's been a lot longer than that for some people. But I thought it was interesting to see an article recognizing it from...
  18. JohnnyFive

    What if?

    Saw this link on ESPN's men's basketball page that takes a look at big games over the years and how history would be different if they never happened. Interesting idea. A couple 'what ifs' that have always...
  19. JohnnyFive

    Commencement Speeches****-in-com-1579296766 Charlie Day gave a great commencement speech at Merrimack College this week. I'm sure those students will remember it for a long time. I couldn't tell you who our college commencement speaker was, which got me...
  20. JohnnyFive

    ESPN's returning PF's to watch

    Your boy Georges Niang front and center.