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  1. tyler24

    Life Mottos

    Anyone got any good life mottos they live by or quotes they really like? I like creating my own or having a good one to come back to.
  2. tyler24

    Writing a Book

    Alright, so I've told myself for a long time I really want to write a book. Anyone on here ever done it? Do you have any secrets or tricks that help make the process easier? TIA
  3. tyler24

    Overcoming Life's Obstacles

    I am curious what kind of obstacles people on here have overcome in their lives and what they credit for helping them get through it. If anyone has seen my posts in the past, I talk a lot about my anxiety. It has been severe ever since I was a child. I would walk into school in the mornings and...
  4. tyler24

    Steve Prohm

  5. tyler24

    Went to the K-State Boards...

    And found this little treat. Lol
  6. tyler24

    Pass Interference Challenge

    Why were we able to challenge the pass interference flag today? I understand it shouldn't have been called, but I didn't know you could challenge a flag in college.
  7. tyler24

    Hunter Dekkers Commits

  8. tyler24

    Lyme disease

    So since about December I have been having a lot of health issues. Feeling sick, muscle and joint aches, and brain fog. I have been going through all sorts of testing to try and figure out what the hell was wrong. Well about 3 weeks ago, I tested positive for Lyme disease. I went through the 3...
  9. tyler24

    Hey Kansas...

    **** you! Sincerely, CyclONE nation
  10. tyler24

    Walmart on Duff

    Just saw this on a Story County page on Facebook. No idea if it's legit or not
  11. tyler24

    Silly Kansas football recruit

  12. tyler24

    WTB: 2 FOR WV

    Looking to spend $100 for the pair.
  13. tyler24

    What will iowa excuse be when we beat them this week?

    Well...What are we gonna hear this year?
  14. tyler24

    FS: Iowa State vs SDSU

  15. tyler24

    Johnny tornado logo hat

    Anyone know where I can get a hat with the old tornado logo? Been looking around and can't find one. TIA.
  16. tyler24

    College Football pump up videos

    What are some overall great college football highlight videos? Linked this one cus it has some ISU highlights, last year and the year before.
  17. tyler24

    Thank you Ed Obannon

    For making the wait for college football worse. We could all be playing NCAA 2K19 right now but you wanted a piece of the pie.
  18. tyler24

    Wtb Baylor tickets LL

    Interested in lower level tickets.
  19. tyler24

    Intro video

    Did anyone else notice they took Jacob Park out of it?
  20. tyler24

    The real winner today...

    Was everyone who got to see what West Virginia fans look like. Some interesting characters there.