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    Realignment impact on wrestling

    All the realignment talk got me thinking about how our favorite sport is going to be affected. I guess it really doesn't matter if we stay in a new B12 or some version thereof since most of the conference are not 'real' B12 members for wrestling anyway. Heck OU will still need someplace to...
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    Serious question: Are kids worth it?

    ^^ THIS ^^ We had kids too young IMO and before we were emotionally and financially ready. The good news is after 25-years of digging out of that hole, I've now got the time, patience and money to spoil my grandkids.
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    Friday OT #2 - Bored Games

    Monopoly was the family game for years, but caused issues. Now we've expanded to Ticket to Ride, T2R - Rails and Sails, Catan, Scythe, House on Haunted Hill...
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    Fargo results

    Rojas wins via tech fall in the second. Interesting that he is wrestling 170 at Fargo. He wrestled his HS season at 189. Not sure if he was wrestling 'up' or really weighed that much, but he's not that tall. Looks super fit at 170.
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    Fargo results

    What's our relationship with Ysaguirre? Does he list us?
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    Fargo results

    Fernando Villaescusa Jr. is also in the quarters.
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    The Shopping Cart Test

    I've often wondered if there is a correlation between this and those who rail against the self checkout lane. Like, if you refuse to use self-checkout because you think Wal-Mart should hire more cashiers, do you also refuse to return your cart so that they hire more cart-fetchers?
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    NIL and Wrestling

    Went to an ISU wrestling camp in the 80's. One of the team members invited us over to his apartment and sold us a bunch of his old workout gear. He probably made $100 that day.
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    Most Popular Cyclones of All Time?

    During the prime of his career, Jake Knott would probably had similar popularity. Obviously, the off the field stuff since his playing days have reduced his popularity, but if we're just talking about what they could have pulled with the NIL in place, Jake deserves mention.
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    '22 QB Rocco Becht Commits

    The list of teams who've cracked the Top 10 once and then fallen back to mediocrity is LOOOOOOONG! We should probably pump the brakes a bit before declaring us a 'Blue Blood'. All signs point to great things for us with Campbell at the helm, but we've still got a lot of 'prove it' to do.
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    Best chicken restaurant?

    By the way, in a completely different category but by far the best is Nando's. Only US locations are DC and Chicago areas as far as I know. Nando's
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    Best chicken restaurant?

    Yes, the choices here are apples/oranges. Sandwich: Chick-fil-A or Arby's Fingers/Nuggets: Popeyes (because of dipping sauce. Blackened Ranch or Marti-Gras Mustard) On the bone: Royal Farms
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    Excessive drinking by County map

    I've ran into this in rural TX within the last 5 years. You don't need a license to eat with an AR-15 strapped to your back, but they've got to scan my driver's license to serve me a beer?
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    Excessive drinking by County map

    I agree it's gotta be data collection related. The 'opportunity' hypothesis makes sense, but I don't think it stands up. In NJ they only had out a few liquor licenses per township. No convenience stores, no (few) grocery store, etc and we're still pretty blue. PA has some really stupid laws...
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    Marcus Fizer Jr.

    The one that was committed in what would have been Fizer's senior year was Ernest Brown. 7'footer out of Indian Hills. I believe he got a cup of coffee in the NBA so he was no slouch. I think it was academics that got him, though I could be wrong.
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    Ultimate Club Duals

    Team Sebolt goes down 41-39 in the Semi's. Real exciting match. Going into the last 3 matches, Sebolt had to pretty much win all 3. Down 6-0, Gammell came back to win 7-6, then got a pin from Kueter to go up 39-37. M2 Magicians had the #1 220 lber Feldman (Ohio St) at 129kg. Bradley Hill...
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    Ultimate Club Duals

    I think Team Sebolt is going against Taylor's 'A' team in the semis. They went something like 65-4 in individual matches yesterday. Should be a fun match.
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    Ultimate Club Duals

    Ben Alanis, a Northern Colorado commit from AZ TF'd Shayne Van Ness this morning.
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    Ultimate Club Duals

    Not super ISU-related, but if you have Flo, there is an interesting tourney going on this weekend in State College. Club teams are competing a a dual format. Weights run from 34kg to 129kg and ages are from middle-school (or maybe less) to graduated seniors. Team Sebolt looked really strong...
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    Transfer Portal in wrestling

    Traub might have the bigger name here, but McNally would fit in really nice also. 174, 2021 R12, 3xNQ. Let him, Broderson and Colbray fight it out for 174/184.