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    Who would you rather have calling the game instead---BJ Schaben & Kevin Lehman?
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    Last 3 games, he's 0-15 from 3. I don't mind if he takes a couple of 3's per game but shooting 9 of them is far too many IMO.
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    This is nitpicky and really not a big deal

    Gary Wade is so much better on the PA than the football PA announcer. It's not even close. But why are people complaining about the PA announcer after beating a Top 10 team anyway?
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    Your "Coolest" Songs

    Tha Crossroads--Bone Thugs-n-Harmony It's Goin' Down--Celly Cel From Nothin' to Somethin'--Fabolous Slow Jamz--Twista/Kanye West Choppin' up Paper--Do or Die Be Alright--Do or Die The Wind--Zac Brown Band Toes--Zac Brown Band Kick it in the Sticks--Brantley Gilbert Alibis--Tracy Lawrence...
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    Grantland: Most Hated Basketball Players of Past 30 Years

    As far as players go: Jerrod Haase, Jacque Vaughn, Drew Gooden, Elijah Johnson, Josh Kroenke, Ben Simons, Erik Crawford, Cary Cochran, Aaron White, Egleseder, Ali Farokmanesh, Eduardo Najera, Byron Houston, Eric Chenowith, Sasha Kaun, Brandon Rush, Mario Chalmers, Russell Robinson, Paul Pierce...
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    Grantland: Most Hated Basketball Players of Past 30 Years

    Houston also nailed one of my all time favorites Brian Pearson with an elbow. At 12 years of age, I was screaming profanity at the TV when that happened. Byron Houston is a complete ***** hole.
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    Grantland: Most Hated Basketball Players of Past 30 Years

    Coaches I can't stand: Dave Bliss, Tom Asbury, Barry Collier, Greg McDermott, Roy Williams, Kelvin Sampson, Coach Krzyzewski, Mike Anderson, Frank Haith, Dana Altman, Bruce Weber, Jim Boeheim, Troy Muilenburg ...
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    Players on opposing teams that you hated

    Jerrod Haase, Jacque Vaughn, Eduardo Najera, Eric Chenowith, Kenny Gregory, Kirk Hinrich, Aaron Miles, Wayne Simien, Markieff & Marcus Morris, Cole Aldrich, Phil & Matt Pressey, Mario Chalmers, Brandon Rush, Sasha Kaun, Jeff Horner, Erek Hansen, Zak McCabe, Ali Furokmanish, Gregory Echinique...
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    Right now, I'm thoroughly unimpressed with Babb on both ends of the floor. Even in the Campbell game, he struggled guarding Darren White. White had 6 points for a long period of time with multiple ISU defenders on him. Then they put Babb on him & White scored 8 quick points. Then Babb really...
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    Summer Concerts

    Ha! I'm sure you won't be the only one!
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    Summer Concerts

    I'll be there as well. I think it's cool how Guthrie's River Ruckus has great concerts. Last year I went when Brantley Gilbert was there. Now Eric Church is there. Should be a great show!
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    1990-1991 MBB schedule

    That's as tough of a schedule as anyone can ever imagine. I still really like the team ISU had that year. Victor was a senior, as was Doug Collins, Phil Kunz, and Paul Doerrfeld. The Freshmen that year were Skip McCoy, Donnell Bivens, and Saun Jackson. And it was Justus' sophomore year. The...
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    Payne out at Iowa

    Maybe he can go to Creighton. McD seemed to like these type of players (Lucca, Eikmeyer, etc.)
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    Jake Anderson

    Jake Anderson was tremendous this season. He was easily my favorite player on this team. Every single game, he brought energy, leadership, and passion that has been lacking the past several years. Thank you for everything you provided to help this team Jake!!
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    Tim Floyd Gets Police Escort Off Floor...

    I cannot stand Jay Bilas at all. I especially can't stand his monotone voice, his opinions, the team he played for, the ACC homer that he is. Anytime he is on ESPN, I turn the channel.
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    Diante Garrett will not start today

    I guess I expect a little bit more out of someone that has "developed so much in his senior year" to lead by example. Considering the 9 game losing streak and he gets all of the credit and very little blame, then yes I think that showing up late shows a lack of leadership. The fact Brackins...
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    Stinson in D League All-Star game

    Good for Curtis! I still really enjoy watching Curtis play!!
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    Diante Garrett will not start today

    Considering DG is supposed to be a senior leader for this team, showing up late whatever the excuse is just shows a lack of leadership. Was the 12:45 tip too early? I'm glad Coach Hoiberg didn't just let it slide. Too many people on here are Diante Garrett apologists.
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    What if Brackins would've stayed....

    The record would be close to the same, if not worse. When did Craig Brackins ever take a team on his shoulders and take over a game? He had 42 vs. Kansas, but it was a convincing KU win. He and DG just put up numbers that don't equal wins. Brackins was always drastically overrated in my...
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    Cyclone Alley Needs To...

    I agree that it has worn out it's welcome. I liked when the band played "Happy Trails."