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  1. discydisc

    $112.10 twelve ounce beer

    Sign up for your chance here!
  2. discydisc

    Portable Generators

    I am looking to purchase one or two portable generators for home use and was wondering what peoples experience has been; what should I be looking for besides the power output?
  3. discydisc

    2013-2016 MBB Posters

    I've got 4 MBB ball posters in good/decent shape (just been rolled up since they got brought home from games) that my wife has asked me to dispose of, but would prefer to not throw them away if someone else would want them. They are: 2013-14 landscape orientation team pic white background...
  4. discydisc

    Your Comedian Mount Rushmore

    Who you got for top 4 comedians of all time? I think Pryor, Carlin and Chappelle are my shoo-ins, debating the 4th, tentatively thinking Lucille Ball.
  5. discydisc

    SOLD 2 for OSU Section P

  6. discydisc

    Chili Season Week 2 Poll-Beans

    Do you put beans in your chili? I'm a 2 parts meat to 1 part bean ratio kinda guy, don't think they absolutely need to be added, but they make it stretch a little further and gas is funny. What say you cyclone fanatics?
  7. discydisc

    Chili Season Week 1 Poll

    Chili Season is upon us, week 1: consistency/viscosity. How thick should your chili be?
  8. discydisc

    Seat Cushions

    Does anyone bring their own seat cushion to the game? And if so, what brand/model?
  9. discydisc

    WTB: 1 Ticket for UNI

    Looking to buy 1 ticket for the UNI game Saturday, preferably in section P.
  10. discydisc


    Anyone have any experience with a powerbroom or powersweep? Have some gravel in the grass from the plow coming through this winter and am tired of spending my evenings raking/picking it out by hand. Here's an example: Trying to convince the wife I need one.
  11. discydisc

    Linden and 1st Street in Ankeny Instability

    Anyone know what is going on in Ankeny?
  12. discydisc

    FS: 2 Tickets Section P Row 14 SOLD

    Will be out of town this weekend and unable to attend. Looking for $50 for the pair OBO, need to make arrangements by the end of tomorrow. Can meet in person in Ames or Des Moines Metro.
  13. discydisc

    Somethings in the water in Fort Worth...

    How else can you explain this:
  14. discydisc

    Help: Gaming Forum Opt In?

    Been through all the site maps and search high and low for where you opt in to the gaming forum and am coming up empty. Can someone point me in the right direction? Please and thanks!
  15. discydisc

    Lineup Talk

    Who do you have starting for Iowa State when the non-conference play tips off? My predicted starting 5 are: NWB Wigginton Shayok Solomon Lard When conference play starts I wouldn't be surprised to see THT cracking the top 5. If Wigginton were to go pro, I think Shayok moves to the 2 and Talley...
  16. discydisc

    FS: KU Tickets

    I am getting shipped out of town for work the week of the Kansas game (2/13). I've got two available, section 217 row 15 seats 11 and 12 (on the aisle), asking $100 for the pair OBO.
  17. discydisc

    Free- 2 tickets to K-State

    My buddy bailed on the tickets he was suppose to take do to the weather, just hoping to get them filled. Section 217 row 15. In Ankeny, during the day, Cambridge Huxley area after 4 PM.
  18. discydisc

    Mackenro Alexander-Arrested for Assault

    According to Travis Hines on twitter: Travis Hines‏ @TravisHines21 8m8 minutes ago Iowa State LB Mackenro Alexander is in Story County jail on multiple counts, including assault with injury, per online records.
  19. discydisc

    OSU's Jawun Evans entering the draft

    Per Jon Rothstein: Oklahoma State's Jawun Evans will sign with an agent and enter the 2017 NBA Draft.