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  1. WhatchaGonnaDo

    Poll: Favorite Pop-Tart Flavors

    Didn't even bother with the unfrosted ones. Was limited on # of responses, so I listed what I figured would be most popular.
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    "Daily Highlights" video

    Just wanted to add in my opinion that the daily highlights popup video on the home screen and in articles is incredibly annoying. It already shows exactly what scrolls through the front page, so I don't see a need for it anyway. My $.02 Carry on.
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    TV for KU game

    I see it's listed as FSN on Is this the same as Fox Sports Midwest? Just wanting to make sure I'll be able to watch or if I need to get a different Sling package. Looks like I can get Fox Sports Midwest with Sling Blue.
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    Game replay on

    When will this be posted? I want to watch it again!
  5. WhatchaGonnaDo

    McKay adding a new dimension to his game

    I'm sure you're all sick of seeing Fred-to-Chicago threads, so here. Jameel doing work.
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    Three years ago today...

    I'll just leave this here and let it simmer
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    Our offseason regimen

    Just wondering what the heck our players do over the off season other than commit crimes. It obviously isn't getting amply prepared for D2 opponents.
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    ***Official Spring Game Thread***

    I hope we win.
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    ESPN Q&A with Tommy Mangino

    Thought this was a pretty good read. Tommy seems like a solid hire. No-nonsense kind of guy that tells you like it is. Q&A with Iowa State Cyclones coach Tommy Mangino - ESPN I liked this one:
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    VEISHEA Concert Lineup Announced

    LUDA! The video is dumb as hell.
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    ISU students please take this survey on student ticket policy!

    This is for a project; we are collecting information on various peer institutions and comparing and contrasting the different options that are in place. For the project we will formulate our findings and eventually send it to the athletic department for consideration. We figured that it would...
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    FS: Student tickets for TCU and UNC-Wilm

    I'm going to be gone all weekend. Tickets are free to a good home. You pay the transfer fee and they're yours.
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    Where should I eat?

    Decide where I get lunch.
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    62 days

    30 days That is all. Countdown to Nov 3, 2013 5:00 PM in Des Moines
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    Capital Cities/Fitz & the Tantrums coming to Ames!

    SUB just announced that Capital Cities and Fitz & the Tantrums will be playing at Stephens Auditorium on November 19. This is going to be a great show. I've seen Fitz before and they were amazing live. Capital Cities is really popular right now as well. Can't wait! Fitz and The Tantrums &...
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    I love all of you

    Logged in tonight to find 15 likes on my account. I love this site. I don't know where I'd be without it
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    CBS has us predicted to the Pinstripe

    College Football Bowls - Way too early, I know Notable that Texas is being projected to the Fiesta...
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    Lazard left out of ESPN 150

    Not even ranked for his position. Bizarre. ESPN Football Recruiting - Player Rankings - ESPN Allen Lazard - Football Recruiting - Player Profiles - ESPN
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    Super Troopers 2!!!

    Kevin Heffernan of Broken Lizard — ‘There Will Be a “Super Troopers” Sequel’