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  1. letsCYber


    Team looked like they've never played the game before - with the exception of the WRs. I don't see a winnable game on the rest of the schedule. I'm just going to leave my prediction here, so it's on record.
  2. letsCYber

    Poll: What smartphone do you use?

    Not really looking for a debate on what's best. I'm just going to get a new phone soon and wanted to see what people use these days.
  3. letsCYber

    Frosted Tips to Blame?

    McKay played his *** off, but you can't go frosted with your teammate. Unless that team is N'Sync.
  4. letsCYber

    Gif sharing on YouTube

    YouTube's testing a share feature that will create a Gif directly from a video in YouTube. Could take CF posts to a whole new level.
  5. letsCYber

    Upset Alert!

    Hawk fans love to ignore the fact that they haven't beaten a team with a pulse this season. I'm seeing a lot of posts on social media calling for an upset against Wisconsin today. Can't wait to watch the Badgers rout.
  6. letsCYber

    The Ads are out of control on CF

    I get that this site needs to make money. Trust me, I get it. I'm fine with cramming as much advertising in the right panel of every screen as possible. But today there's a video ad from Menards with audio? I feel like I'm back in the 1990's pop-up ad days.
  7. letsCYber

    Empty Bowl

    The bowled in end-zone we've all been waiting for is going to be empty, and it should be. We Cyclone fans are loyal, but no one can watch a dumpster burn forever.
  8. letsCYber

    Hit the Rhoad

    It's been real Paul. Please see yourself out.
  9. letsCYber

    Worst team in a major conference?

    For the sake of this discussion, the Big Ten is not considered a major conference. Who is worse than us?
  10. letsCYber

    Was practice cancelled all week?

    I don't think anyone expected us to win, but the lack of fundamentals today has been embarrassing. Missed tackles, dropped passes, blown opportunities... Oklahoma is tough, but we look completely unprepared to be on the field today.
  11. letsCYber

    It's JP's fault. E-mail him.

    Why even schedule NDSU? Or UNI? Its a lose, lose situation. Especially when you lose. Twice. I propose we start scheduling some weak D1 opponents to lose to week 1.
  12. letsCYber

    Deepest Team Remaining?

    Now that Iowa is out, who's the deepest team left in the tournament?
  13. letsCYber

    Worst Iowa State Team Ever?

    This year's team is bad. I'm thinking historically bad. What years were worse?
  14. letsCYber

    A-Roid's Return

    How do the Yankees even put this scum bag in the lineup? He's a disgrace to baseball. I can't believe that there were Yankees fans cheering for him last night. He deserves a sea of boo's for the embarrassment he's brought to their franchise.
  15. letsCYber

    Number 42

    I'll first disclose that I've hated the Yankees all of my life. I haven't enjoyed having my social media feeds blown up about how great and classy Mariano Rivera is all night. Here are a couple of things you may not know about him: 1. He doesn't care for the song "Enter Sandman" it was just...
  16. letsCYber


    Who does everyone think will go #1? I really don't understand why you would pick McLemore #1. Doesn't seem like a ton of bang for your buck as a #1 pick.
  17. letsCYber


    Yeezus ******, Kanye's new album sucks. I'm not surprised, but I just wanted to be one of the first to use "Yeezus ******" in a sentence. Kanye doesn't care about white people.
  18. letsCYber

    7ft Serbians

    CFH mentioned when he was first starting as head coach that he was going to be recruiting some 7ft Serbians. I'm still waiting on my 7ft Serbian. We need them on the squad.
  19. letsCYber

    Let's talk about PB&J

    With crust? Uncrustable? Creamy peanut butter? Crunchy peanut butter? George Washington Carver? Let's talk this one out ladies and gentlemen.
  20. letsCYber