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  1. 52342cyclone

    All black uniforms for Big XII Championship!!

    Heard a podcast tonight, Jamie Pollard breaking news that the Cyclones are going all black for the game! Keep the streak alive!!
  2. 52342cyclone

    Title game in Dallas

  3. 52342cyclone

    Title game in Dallas

    We bought our tix and our flights, but my sister is driving. Does anyone have any idea about the parking passes? Is tailgating allowed? I see one (lot 10) is $95 and 11-15 are $50. Anyone have any idea. Thanks!! PS I can’t freaking believe this is happening! GO STATE!
  4. 52342cyclone

    Today’s best bets

    My wife decided to bet $40 on Maryland ML +1200. Won $520. Also bet on ISU live when down at half and she bet on ND when down by 7 with 2 min left. She was on a roll yesterday.
  5. 52342cyclone

    OT: Gender Reveal Explosion Kills Local Woman

    Looks like it was actually the mother to one of the parents of the unborn child. I can't imagine how they are feeling. Everyone makes jokes and it was a terrible terrible idea but I can't help but feel bad for them.
  6. 52342cyclone

    Help! I'm Fat

    Best of luck man. I'm 6'2" and I was up to 353. Made some changes and got down to 238, but run about 255-260 now. Gotta get myself back down to 235ish as well. It's not easy but you can do it if you want it bad enough!
  7. 52342cyclone

    How long will we keep Mitchell, Brock???

    Hell just run what we did when I was in high school. Score. QB under center, WB behind him, FB, then TB. Put Re-al at WB, J Brock at FB, Hall at TB.
  8. 52342cyclone

    How long will we keep Mitchell, Brock???

    Brock has only played in 4 games I thought. Iowa, ULM, Baylor, TCU. I know he didn't play vs UNI, but did he see the field against WVU that I missed?
  9. 52342cyclone

    WTB: G6 (Gravel lot) for 10/26 game.

    Interested in a G6 gravel pass for OSU game. I have some family that park there and would like to all get together. Thanks
  10. 52342cyclone

    FS: B4 pass sold

    Interested! Sending PM
  11. 52342cyclone

    ISU (-20.5) opening line vs. Louisiana-Monroe

    LA-Monroe isn't even a FCS school, so I don't know how you figure they are "rated higher than UNI"
  12. 52342cyclone

    Gameday Sign Ideas

    One will be on the front of my sons sign, the other on the back.
  13. 52342cyclone

    Gameday Sign Ideas

    My 13 year old is making one that says... Hawkeye Fans Would Hate This Sign If They Could Read!!
  14. 52342cyclone

    Gameday Sign Ideas