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  1. inCyteful

    New York City Gamewatch?

    New York City area Clones - I am a Coloradoan in the NYC area for the weekend and hoping to find a great place to watch the game. Looks like there is a game watch at The Triple Crown Ale House? Any one planning on being there or any advice on attending?
  2. inCyteful

    Bill Walton - High Altitude Training

    You can probably guess where this is going to go. Don't remember the exact transcript as I was cleaning up beer I spewed all over my tablet. During CU vs New Mexico game - Bill's partner as they were talking about Colorado altitude - "So Bill, did you do high altitude training?" Bill - "Of...
  3. inCyteful

    T Young & Others vs. T. Boone's Boys

    Jumped on to watch Trae Young. He has been sitting much of 1st half. Not happy to see that Manek for OU thinks he is Larry Bird re-invented. This guy is good. OSU will NOT finish last in the conference. This season gets more brutal every day.
  4. inCyteful

    Bears vs Blue Jays

    The human highlighters are struggling against the Gregs Gang Looks like Baylor is saving all their 3 pt shots for us again. Not much offense there.
  5. inCyteful

    Most likely wins in last 6 games.

    Looking at the last 6 games it becomes really apparent how much the Texas loss hurt. While there are some opportunities in the last 6 regular season games, there is not one that I would feel overly confident about. Here is how I would rank the likelihood of a win in the six remaining games...
  6. inCyteful

    WTB: 4 Tickets to MBB TCU Feb 20th

    PM me.
  7. inCyteful

    Idea: Countdown Clock - Help Us Please

    Really trying hard to make it to end of the FB season. Could an admin give us some relief and set the countdown clock to the next MBB game. It is the next event up after all.
  8. inCyteful

    WTB: 2 Tkts for KU game 1/17

    Found out I can make it to Ames for this game, now hoping someone isn't as fortunate and needs to move their tickets for the game. Would prefer Parquet or first 6 rows of balcony but will consider anything. PM would be fine.
  9. inCyteful

    Big Monday ISU v KU Game Watch in Central Iowa?

    I am not going to be able to get a 2nd mortgage in time to to pickup one of the few tickets available for the KU game Monday night. Where is a good place in Central Iowa to watch the game with some Cyclone crazy fans?
  10. inCyteful

    WTB 1 Ticket to TTU MBBall Game - better seat

    Looking for 1 seat to TTU game Saturday. Wouldn't mind a better seat as long as price isn't crazy. Can pickup in DSM or Ames today or Sat AM.
  11. inCyteful

    Stevie Wonder or McDoormat?

    There are some teams you would like to face in the tourney. Beating them when it counts is just that much more enjoyable. I am torn between which of these two I would rather see us beat in the first round: 1) Stevie 'Wonder' Alford and the New Mexico Lobos 2) Greg McDermott and the...