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  1. EYEoftheSTORM

    WTB: 1 Ticket UPPER KSU

    Cheaper the better. Just need to get in the door.
  2. EYEoftheSTORM

    Delta Dental “Smile Cam”

    Who else thinks this media timeout charade sucks? The song is awful and gives everyone a reason to sit down and look at their phones. It kills the crowd energy and needs to go. Rant over.... just sick of seeing a fired up crowd die after the Smile Cam.
  3. EYEoftheSTORM

    WTB: 2 Johnny’s Wristbands for Dec 21 vs E. Illinois

    Looking to buy two Johnnys wristbands to Dec 21 E. Illinois contest for my parents for Xmas. Please PM me if you have any and willing to sell. Thanks in advance
  4. EYEoftheSTORM

    2 to KSU tonight for Husker fan inlaws I’m trying to convert...

    Wanting to bring my Husker fan inlaws to their first ISU Basketball game tonight. Hoping to keep it affordable. Maybe even people trying to dump tickets because of the weather. Upper deck ok. Need 2. PM me with options please!
  5. EYEoftheSTORM

    FS: 2 tickets to Texas @ Iowa State

    I have two upper level tickets available. Asking $50/ piece for them. PM me for questions. Can meet in Ames or Ames area.
  6. EYEoftheSTORM

    Jack Trice Stadium

    Is the Jack built on Indian burial grounds? Legit question... Let's get some guys to take some ground samples while the are building the SEZ. If so, tear new State Gym the **** up and rebuild Clyde Williams Field.. Something has to explain the many nut kicks in ISU history.
  7. EYEoftheSTORM

    ESPN "Choose Wisely" Bracket Week Commercial

    Anybody see the ESPN Bracket Week commercial that portrays people picking teams using "unconventional" means? The one that has a baby choosing between a plush alligator or a plush tiger, or throwing a dart at a balloon with a teams name on it... Well there is one way that has someone putting a...
  8. EYEoftheSTORM

    Add 1 player to this years team

    After reading the "Jon Miller's Comments" thread it got me thinking. If you could add 1 player who is currently playing for another team to this years team who would it be? I know some obvious choices would be Wiggins, Randle, etc. but I want to really dig deep for who you think would be a...
  9. EYEoftheSTORM

    Former ISU Transfer-cruit on ESPNU right now

    Josh Davis of SDSU is playing Boise State tonight on ESPNU. I heard the announcers say he is averaging a little over 13 rebounds a game while he air balled the first of 2 free throws… Would have been nice to have him in the fold giving us a little more post depth than we currently have...
  10. EYEoftheSTORM

    Welcoming the team home?

    What do you guys think of the idea of welcoming the team home after not giving up on the season these last two weeks? Just an idea... Would anyone else be game for this?
  11. EYEoftheSTORM

    I would be completely ok with...

    Jevohn Miller not starting on D the rest of his time at ISU. Misses his assignments all the time and is never able to shed blocks. And.. Play a mobile yet unable to throw Sam Richardson at QB over Rohach. Rohach holds the ball wayyy too long wayy too often, and when he does throw its never on...
  12. EYEoftheSTORM

    Joke of the Day!

    UNLV down at home 69-47 to UC Santa Barbara with 9:11 left in the 2nd... Really? Rashad, come on dude the choice is obvious....
  13. EYEoftheSTORM

    FS: 2 South Endzone seats $45 OBO

    2 South endzone tickets for sale. PM to inquire. Looking to get $45 or best offer for the pair.
  14. EYEoftheSTORM

    What does the fox say?

    Has anybody else heard this song yet? It is being touted as the next "Gangnam Style" and is already making its rounds in NFL stadiums. I am sure its a matter of time before it gets to The Jack... When I first heard it I thought what the hell did I just watch. You be the judge and sorry in...
  15. EYEoftheSTORM

    First Team All-XII

    Who do you think will be on the first team all Big 12?If I had to guess I'd put it at something like this: PG: Marcus Smart/ OSU SG: Ben Mclemore/ KU SG: Rodney McGruder/ KSU F: Will Clyburn/ ISU C: Jeff Withey/ KU I know Ill probably get flamed for throwing in the homer pick of Clyburn but...
  16. EYEoftheSTORM

    LJ vs. the Raiders

    Playing pretty good today. Just picked off Carson Palmer. I think this is his first in the NFL. Keep it up Cyclone Alums!!!!
  17. EYEoftheSTORM

    ***Official Bring on the Purple Kitties Thread***

    Top 10 opponent coming to Ames, led by skeletor. We are due for a win against K State. The only thing I can guarantee is that the Jack will be Packed, ready to kick some Kansas State ***. GIVE ME A HELL YEAH!!!
  18. EYEoftheSTORM

    Bold Predictions of the Year

    Hello Cyclone fans! Happy Sunday morning! It is now less than one week until our beloved Cyclones take the field against a very good Tulsa team. With the college football season starting this Thursday and all other games being played over the weekend I ask, What bold predictions will you make...
  19. EYEoftheSTORM

    Fred's pregame speech...

    300 first battle - YouTube I envision something similar to this ought to fire up the clones!!! Truly a battle that is similar to this movie!!!! LETS GO STATE!!!!
  20. EYEoftheSTORM

    UCONN boards

    They seem to not like the match up either of Royce on anybody and afraid of our 3pt shooters. At least we are not the only ones that are afraid of what the other is capable of.... Iowa State Thread | The Boneyard