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  1. cyfanbr

    On-line MBA Suggestions

    Alright gang, so knowing CF has wealth of knowledge and great advices. I figured I’d ask for some suggestions or advices on online MBA programs. I graduated from ISU with an engineering degree and have been working in manufacturing since then. While I really enjoy engineering, I am not sure it...
  2. cyfanbr

    Iowa State FOCO Gaiter

    Has anybody bought one of the gaiters from the link below? If so, are they multi or single layered?
  3. cyfanbr

    Custom Design Jewelry

    I am wondering if anybody has gone through a similar situation, and did you do in it... So currently my fiance and I are having a jewelry store custom design her wedding band. However, we have been going back and forth since July and they have not been able to get the design right. The first...
  4. cyfanbr

    Need 4 tickets for Chicago

    I am looking for four tickets for the NCAA game in Chicago. Preferably both sessions, but I would also consider session 1 only.
  5. cyfanbr

    Things Big 12 Fans Say Pretty funny stuff