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  1. NetflixAndClone

    Can the Big 12 remain viable

    Honestly I think the Big 12 would have to do something crazy like jump to 14 or 16 teams. Add: Cincy, Houston, Memphis, UCF, USF, Colorado St, Boise State, BYU. However the sheer size of the footprint isn't attractive. WVU would be pleading to join the ACC before having to send their...
  2. NetflixAndClone

    Where Will ISU End Up if the Big 12 Implodes?

    Minnesota alumni couldn’t give a rip about the gophers. however, I get your point.
  3. NetflixAndClone

    SEC Super Conference being Formed Poaching BIG and ACC?

    Is the SEC creating a super conference? Betteridge's law of headlines, also known as Davis' law, is an adage that states: "Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no."
  4. NetflixAndClone

    COLUMN: What happens to Iowa State if the Big 12 implodes?

    ISU, KU => Big Ten Texas, OU => SEC WVU => ACC to give them 16 teams. Tech, OSU, KSU, TCU => Pac 12 to become the pac 16. Baylor to the Sun belt is my hope.
  5. NetflixAndClone

    State of ISU MBB if we had hired Otz instead of Prohm?

    Unless I'm misremembering I thought Coach K was going to come here until Duke offered him. After that ISU hired Orr.
  6. NetflixAndClone

    Beard to Texas

    Idk Shaka only went to the tournament 50% of his time in Texas and never made it out of the first round. I don’t think they were planning on firing him since he won the B12 tournament.
  7. NetflixAndClone

    Robert Jones commits to ISU

    Played on same AAU team as Iowa State targets Eli King and Tamin Lipsey
  8. NetflixAndClone

    Beard to Texas

    AD without saying it is pretty mad at Beard leaving. 2 assistant coaches are staying so far. One was out of town on travel so no clue if he stays. The other was Adams (I’m guessing he is waiting to see if he get the HC job) AD says job hiring could take a few weeks. texas asked permission to...
  9. NetflixAndClone

    Beard to Texas

    they plan on hiring a search firm so I assume they will go out of program. reporter asked if there were any tech projects that beard had a hand in or wanted with the job? Beard wanted to downsize the capacity of their arena.
  10. NetflixAndClone

    Beard to Texas

    I’m watching the Tech AD press conference. They offered Beard a life time contract last year.
  11. NetflixAndClone

    Beard to Texas

    Yeah reading their boards. They seem split over trying to hire an assistant to try and keep the team together(transfer, recruits, and current players) or hire a new coach since their job has never been more attractive in program history. I kinda want them to go assistant route while also losing...
  12. NetflixAndClone

    2021 men's CBB coaching carousel

    I was fine with Beard going to Tex. Since I thought that would mean Tech would return back to the bottom half of the conference even if Texas got better. Beard going to UNC would be even better.
  13. NetflixAndClone

    2021 men's CBB coaching carousel

    Beard Buyout drops down today. If i was a tech fan i'd be sweating.
  14. NetflixAndClone

    Otzelberger's First Recruiting/Transfer Class - FULL

    I think that tweet was more in support of Steve.
  15. NetflixAndClone

    Texas' Shaka Smart to Marquette

    You gotta think the closer it gets to April 1 the more likely Beard is the new coach? His buyout drops in cash when 4-1 comes around. I know Musselman is on their want list too, but with his recent statement after the E8 game. He sounds like he is staying at Arkansas.
  16. NetflixAndClone

    STANZ: Coaching Search Hot Board 1.0

    Utah‘s big rival is BYU. I know they also been trying to push Colorado vs Utah in recent years too.
  17. NetflixAndClone

    Otzelberger's First Recruiting/Transfer Class - FULL

    Yeah I would guess reaching out is just Staff getting a feel to why the player is leaving Do they want to be closer to home? Do they want more playing time? Do they want to go to the NCAA tournament? Do they want to play a different play style? New coach? After that you really figure out...
  18. NetflixAndClone

    This guy has to be coming to Ames right?

    From what i've seen from UNLV fans on twitter. This isn't the first time this reporter did something like this. Apparently he is known for these unnamed sources with wild accusations.
  19. NetflixAndClone

    Coach TJ’s Coaching StAff

    Time to hit that transfer recruiting road.
  20. NetflixAndClone

    Coach TJ’s Coaching StAff

    I wish, all that information was just from in the thread. unfortunately I've been just reading CF everyday like the gospel.