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  1. MuskieCy

    What does this have to do with NY pizza? Demo Pizza NYC slice
  2. MuskieCy

    More BIG XII & I State love on ESPN+

    "This was affirmation of what numbers like SP+ had been telling us all season: The conference was pretty deep, and it had learned to defend. Five Big 12 teams boasted defenses that ranked 18th or better in SP+, and six were 23rd or better in February's initial 2021 projections." "The key pieces...
  3. MuskieCy

    More respect on ESPN+, conference breakdowns

    "Best chance: Oklahoma, Iowa State. The Big 12 could have a chance at placing two teams in the semifinals this year if OU and Iowa State can avoid losing to anyone but each other. Both teams have Heisman hopefuls and are projected to have two of the top three offenses this fall, along with Ohio...
  4. MuskieCy

    ESPN+ assessment of #8 I State chances at the Natty

    " Iowa State Cyclones (+3500) If ... Brock Purdy can improve one more time. If a team with middling recruiting rankings is ever going to win a national title, the recipe will include an incredible diamond-in-the-rough quarterback, at least one All-American-level skill player, at least one...
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    This firing is a bit puzzling

    Jamie P sounds a bit perturbed.
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    ESPN with a BIG XII breakdown,....and some luv
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    Fred in DM, must have time on his hands

    Some transcription errors are great,...."skin in Chicago".
  8. MuskieCy

    Kum & Go moving into Utah

    I wonder how Mormons will feel about getting serviced at Kum & Go?
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    CR GAZ finds another program to mention

    Hlas must be really bored with the SOS at eiu.
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    ESPN+ on T Hunter at Iverson Classic

    "Tyrese Hunter, 6-1, PG, Saint Catherine's High School, Wisconsin (Iowa State) Hunter had a Nice!!!!
  11. MuskieCy

    THT with the dagger!!
  12. MuskieCy

    2021 D somewhat undervalued on ESPN+

    ESPN+ 18. Iowa State Cyclones 2020 future defense ranking: Not ranked Scouting the Cyclones: In hindsight, I was too harsh dropping ISU out of the previous rankings. The unit's trajectory throughout coordinator Jon Heacock's tenure is strong. The temptation is to overcorrect, and if this were...
  13. MuskieCy

    Former Cyclone Golfer Nick Voke last Saturday on the Korn Ferry Tour

    Playing one step away from the Tour,.......then this happens!
  14. MuskieCy

    Good for Ra!!!!

    An opportunity for a DEEP run in the NCAA tournament.
  15. MuskieCy

    eiu governance,...."The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight".

    The eiu administration. After an age discrimination lawsuit against a new prez finalist,, today outgoing prez Harrell...
  16. MuskieCy

    ESPN+ write-up on I State chances of making the Final 4!

    By Heather Dinch:
  17. MuskieCy

    eiu athletics self-sufficient? Not so fast my friend.

    The separate, non-profit organization running eiu athletics is "borrowing" $50M from eiu to stay afloat. Also, the athletic non-profit is dropping the $2M a year contribution to eiu as negotiated by the outgoing prez. What a sh!tshow...
  18. MuskieCy

    OT:Meanwhile, another gender bias lawsuit at eiu

    Safety school for racist and misogynistic administrators apparently.
  19. MuskieCy

    The gift that keeps on giving,....a $$$$$ Black Hole at eiu

    Already $122M over budget, what is $10M to $15M more?
  20. MuskieCy

    ESPN+ preview of who returns the most production in 2021?

    (the lede photo) Top 3 ULL, UCLA, Miami,....... "4. Iowa State If SP+ projections were derived only from last year's ratings and the returning production adjustments, the Cyclones would be a top-five team heading into 2021. Quarterback Brock Purdy and star running back Breece Hall (who finished...