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  1. risiusj

    TJ Otzelberger Hiring Press Conference The page on says the stream goes live at 10:20 AM today It will probably be pretty non-eventful, and we'll have to wait to hear more about coaching staff choices and player retention later. But still, it's good to have the new coach...
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    Starting lineup for 2020-21 Season

    We're starting to see the dust settle after the transfers this off-season. I would be surprised if we see any more player movement now. The departures are Haliburton going pro and Lewis, Griffin, and Grill transferring out. Then we have the incoming freshman class and three transfers. Jalen...
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    *** Official Iowa State Vs Boise State Gameday Thread ***

    Go get win number number 11, Cyclones! And everyone have a nice Christmas while we're at it.
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    Ronny Turiaf to wear #32 for Hoiberg
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    ***Official Iowa State vs. Okie State Gameday Thread***

    It's Senior Night for a handful of Cyclones!
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    2012 Iowa State Mens Basketball Top 10 Plays

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    Cyclone Classics - Troy Davis Promo

    ‪FB: Troy Davis Promo (1995)‬‏ - YouTube Here's a fun little video. If you aren't subscribed to ‪cycloneclassics's Channel‬‏ - YouTube, I highly recommend you do.
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    Fantasy Baseball League Opening

    I have an opening in a fantasy baseball league on Yahoo. Draft is at 6:45 tonight. 12 teams, weekly H2H, 5x4 scoring (no WHIP) If you want in, PM me your resume and life story and I'll decide if you are good enough to join. Seriously though, if you want in a league and will be active, shoot...
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    Is a hot dog a sandwich?

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    We need one of these in the north end zone

    YouTube - Military Air Raid Siren - Hand Cranked Hand Crank Air Raid Siren 1/2 Mile Price is a bit steep for me. And I'm sure if I brought something like it into the stadium it would be taken pretty fast.
  11. risiusj

    Easy Classes

    What are some easy classes to take at ISU?