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  1. 52342cyclone

    All black uniforms for Big XII Championship!!

    Heard a podcast tonight, Jamie Pollard breaking news that the Cyclones are going all black for the game! Keep the streak alive!!
  2. 52342cyclone

    Title game in Dallas

    We bought our tix and our flights, but my sister is driving. Does anyone have any idea about the parking passes? Is tailgating allowed? I see one (lot 10) is $95 and 11-15 are $50. Anyone have any idea. Thanks!! PS I can’t freaking believe this is happening! GO STATE!
  3. 52342cyclone

    WTB: G6 (Gravel lot) for 10/26 game.

    Interested in a G6 gravel pass for OSU game. I have some family that park there and would like to all get together. Thanks
  4. 52342cyclone

    Travel - Washington DC

    Was wondering if anyone had any tips for visiting Washington DC. I already have times booked for White House tour, FBI building tour, and Holocaust museum tour. I plan on seeing all the monuments and definitely Arlington National. Would appreciate any other tips, must see, etc. I will be there...
  5. 52342cyclone

    ISO One ISU-UNI ticket at west gym

    i ordered tickets for the meet and now my 10 yr old daughter is determined she wants to go. Anyone have or know of anyone with 1 extra ticket? Thanks
  6. 52342cyclone

    Looking for wrestling tickets

    we are doing a fundraiser for our Booster Club and was wondering if anyone had a pair of wrestling tickets to any of the meets that they couldn’t make it to this year. One fanatic gave me 3 meets last year.
  7. 52342cyclone

    Traveling to KU game. Questions

    I have a goal of catching a cyclone game at every big 12 stadium. A group of us decided that we are going to start that this year by going to to Lawerence for the KU-ISU game. I looked for hotels and the only one I could find was a dingy Motel 6 in Lawerence. Would it be better to stay in the KC...
  8. 52342cyclone

    The Wave

    Hawkeye Heaven (on Facebook) helped make "The Wave" a actual thing. They are requesting that since they are on a bye week, and that the Cyclones are at home, that ISU does it after the 1st quarter this Saturday vs KU. My first reaction is... Just another thing that Hawk fans will b**** about us...
  9. 52342cyclone


    We bring a bus annually to 2 games (drive car rest of season) and we always park in haunted forest grass lot. I heard a rumor that it wasn't going to be open for UNI game. Can anyone confirm?
  10. 52342cyclone


    How does students tickets work. If I bought 2 upper level could me and my 10 yr old use them?
  11. 52342cyclone

    Time for #HATEWEEK

    Yep, we lost a close game this week. It was a heartbreaker. But... It's time for #HATEWEEK!! #BEATIOWA What do you think?
  12. 52342cyclone


    Can anyone tell me if there is usually people scalping tickets at the bb games. I am looking for 3 or 4 so I can take my kids to tomorrow's game.
  13. 52342cyclone

    Question on saturday

    They are allowing people to bring in bottle(s) of water, but will they let you bring them in a soft cooler? I like my water cold.
  14. 52342cyclone

    WTB: 2-5 tix for Baylor game

    Looking for 2-5 tix for the Baylor game on March 3rd.
  15. 52342cyclone

    James White

    How bout this guy!! He is an exciting runner and very explosive and shifty. I like SJ as well but I think White should get a fair amount of the carries as well. had about 150yds this week. Should of last week as well, minus 2 HOLDING calls. Looks very promising.
  16. 52342cyclone

    Locksley is Gone!

    per Dennis Dodd on twitter, Mike Locksley is the first coaching casualty of the season.
  17. 52342cyclone

    Terrible Ref calls today

    Several horrible calls. you see that fg that was called good that cost toledo the game. also, this catch in the vandy/sc game!! tie goes to the offense dumb***!! Very shady stuff!!