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  1. discydisc

    EDIT: Greg Gaines Is A Cyclone!

    This is a weird troll even for you @Gunnerclone
  2. discydisc

    Engineering is an Incredible Thing

    Is that the Teabagger13X9?
  3. discydisc

    Smoker Questions

    you can probably get a replacement O ring if that's the only issue, I have one my wife bought and have used it 2-3 times in the 4 years.
  4. discydisc

    The Shopping Cart Test

    I ride them home then sell them for scrap; its a win, win.
  5. discydisc

    Smoker Questions

    I think I'm gonna throw some pats of butter in with the sauce, still haven't pulled the trigger on the wagyu beef tallow
  6. discydisc

    Smoker Questions

    Anything yo would change? These along with some ribs are going on the smoker tomorrow.
  7. discydisc

    Jaylin Noel hype
  8. discydisc

    ***Among Us Mafia***

  9. discydisc

    Smoker Questions

    Ha, same, hence my question...trying to decide if I buy some wagu tallow or just make my own with trimmings
  10. discydisc

    Smoker Questions

    Anyone here ever used beef tallow when smoking a brisket?
  11. discydisc

    Best chicken restaurant?

    Finally got lunch here today, got the nashville sandwich, ranch was stellar, will return,
  12. discydisc

    OT: Best robot vacuum?

    During the week while we're not home, dog gets to come to work with me. Would not recommend running it while not around if animals are home...unless they figured out how to stop for poop or vomit.
  13. discydisc

    Seriously Leistikow?

    Easy there buddy boy
  14. discydisc

    [Commitment Watch] '22 RB Kaleb Johnson

    They've had 5 running backs drafted since then.
  15. discydisc

    Smoker Questions

    It allows excess moisture to get absorbed by the paper rather than the bark which helps keep it's firm texture rather than getting mushy.
  16. discydisc

    Smoker Questions

  17. discydisc

    Culver’s Burger with Chick-Fil-a Sauce

    Sure, but have you had Culver's ranch? It is one of the worst things on their menu.
  18. discydisc

    Culver’s Burger with Chick-Fil-a Sauce

    Culvers is a top 3 fast food burger.
  19. discydisc

    Culver’s Burger with Chick-Fil-a Sauce

    What about French fries?