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  1. SC Cy

    Misc: CFL (Canadian Football League)

    I'm low-key excited the CFL season starts tonight. I'm sure most on here haven't watched much but I find the style of football to be exciting. It's a little bit like arena football on a giant field. The teams are all pretty classic (Edmonton Eskimos, Montreal Alouettes, Toronto Argonauts, etc.)...
  2. SC Cy

    Kansas City...Big 12 Run, etc

    Man, I really hope ISU fans turn out in massive numbers like we have in past seasons. This team is one great run away from giving us wonderful lasting memories. Makai Mason might not play for Baylor. Dean Wade is probably out for K-State. Let's do this! Every Saturday morning there is a 5k or...
  3. SC Cy

    Steve Friggin' Prohm...

    What I wanted the headline to read... Steve Mother ******' Prohm...I love him!
  4. SC Cy

    Canadian Football League (CFL)

    The thread on the XFL got me thinking about how much I enjoy watching CFL games. I love the style of play and the college-like atmosphere inside the stadium. Their season is perfect, May-November, so it doesn't completely conflict with the NFL. I've always wondered why more ISU players don't...
  5. SC Cy

    How do you pronounce "Grocery"

    This bugs me for some reason. When someone says "gross-ery" it makes my skin crawl.
  6. SC Cy


    Maybe it's my mood today but this is really rubbing me the wrong way.
  7. SC Cy

    iHeartRadio Bankruptcy

    I'll be curious what the fallout will be with iHeartRadio filing for bankruptcy. I'm hoping for the best. I stream KXNO daily and enjoy their app. I'd be massively bummed if this went away...
  8. SC Cy

    Bowl Projections

    College Football News - NONE Jerry Palm (CBS) - NONE ESPN (Kyle Bonagura) - Liberty Bowl vs LSU...
  9. SC Cy

    NBA: Niang Signs With Golden State

  10. SC Cy


    These guys just released a new album on Friday and my mind is blown. In a day where people really only download a song or two from an album, this feels like an epic. There are 17 songs, five songs I'd consider "great", there's only two that I skip over, and that's simply for the excitement of...
  11. SC Cy

    Misc: Gatti vs Ward, May 18, 2002

    The most amazing fight I've ever seen. If you have a short attention span, forward to Round 9.
  12. SC Cy

    Most Humble Brag Profession

    Over time you just know you'll see the same...posts...over...and...over...again...on Facebook by the same people. Chances are they are re-posts. I've noticed trends with a few of my friends and their professions. It seems like every firefighter and police officer I'm friends with (and it's...
  13. SC Cy

    TCU Football Schedule

    Kudos to TCU for juicing up their non-con schedules. They play Ohio State at Jerry World next season and have a home-and-home with Purdue as well.
  14. SC Cy

    Bug Kicking me to this page

    I keep getting kicked to this page and it won't let me exit.
  15. SC Cy

    Bug Suspicious Attack Ahead...

    This keeps popping up while I'm on the site.
  16. SC Cy

    ISU Fans...Kudos!

    Once again Iowa State fans showed up! I watched almost every second of every game possible yesterday. Most arenas had the typical NCAA Tournament crowd, a small mix of all teams. Most arenas sounded dead. Not Milwaukee. Aside from Northwestern in Salt Lake City, Iowa State had the loudest and...
  17. SC Cy

    Gatorade Bars (I can't take it!!!)

    I can't take the Gatorade advertisement where everyone is singing/mumbling with their mouth full. I. Can't. Take. It. I seriously get angry. Most annoying advertisement in my lifetime. I run quite a bit and I've bought Powerade simply because of this. Infuriating.
  18. SC Cy

    Flintstones legacy

    I could eat an entire bottle of Flintstones vitamin C in one sitting if it wouldn't make me sick. Those things are like candy.
  19. SC Cy

    Christmas Movies

    It's so hard for me to pick a favorite, it all depends on my mood. On Christmas Eve with a gentle snow fall I'd pick "It's A Wonderful Life". If I get home from having drinks I'll throw in "Christmas Vacation". If I just want something on while I'm doing stuff around the house I'll put on "A...
  20. SC Cy

    25 Days of Christmas

    I'm a sucker for Freeform's 25 Days of Christmas. Even though I own most Christmas movies and cartoons I still watch when they are on. There's something very nostalgic about this time of year. Two things bug me though... 1. The station's name is Freeform. Maybe in 10 years that will seem normal...