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  1. MuskieCy

    NBA Offseason thread

    The program where players go to disappear. Enjoy Detroit, it's better than IC,.......barely.
  2. MuskieCy

    NBA Offseason thread

    Good for Joe W. Well above projections, which is a Spurs thing,....but the Spurs have been good at that.
  3. MuskieCy

    On That Note: I Want(ed) My MTV

    A drum machine and a keyboard, played by Prince.
  4. MuskieCy

    On That Note: I Want(ed) My MTV

    Took a VIP tour of Paisley Park a week ago. OMG, what a genius.
  5. MuskieCy

    Realignment Playlist

  6. MuskieCy

    Wendy Wintersteen & Jamie Pollard Address the Fans

    JP is playing 3-D chess.
  7. MuskieCy

    Realignment Playlist

  8. MuskieCy

    In-State football recruiting, news, and gossip

    Cam Buffington checks all of the boxes!!!!!
  9. MuskieCy

    The Fran fade

  10. MuskieCy

    Demarion Watson Commits to ISU

    Doesn't matter. Locking down Minnesota!!!
  11. MuskieCy

    Where Will ISU End Up if the Big 12 Implodes?

    "We're the largest university in "(.........)" he said. "We're stronger than we've ever been before competitively. We're on the cusp of the College Football Playoff. We've got great momentum right now." Which school AD stated this?
  12. MuskieCy

    MLB: So, the “Cleveland Guardians”…

    Ind-IANS!!!! Guard-IANS!!! What out-of-the box thinking, This is why Cleveland has been, and will continue to be, the butt of a joke,
  13. MuskieCy

    An ode to OU and Texas

    One for horn, the other for boomer
  14. MuskieCy

    Has anyone played TPC Deere Run?

    I've played it several times. The last time the week before the Tour showed up. The green-side rough was your worst home lawn on steroids. 4+ inches of "now what do I do?" The 3rd hole is terrible, a bad excuse from getting off the 2nd green to the 4th tee. A blind 180+ par 3. The front 9 then...
  15. MuskieCy

    Iowa Beat Writers

    I wonder if Hlas approves? Greg Gaines: "Coach Campbell has built a five-star culture there. And really, that's the people there. "Football is football and schooling is schooling, but when times get hard, there's always good people that you can talk to and people that want to help you...
  16. MuskieCy

    What does this have to do with NY pizza?

    While wandering around mid-town Manhattan waiting for our room to open during the New Era Bowl trip, we stepped in to a non-descript joint. Awesome singed crust and fantastic flavor for $1.50 a slice. Bellissimo!
  17. MuskieCy

    What does this have to do with NY pizza? Demo Pizza NYC slice
  18. MuskieCy

    Fun Friday: Can You Name All the Cyclone Legends in This TikTok Video?

    9,....I guessed Dean Carlson. 9/10