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  1. risiusj

    What Should the Remaining Big 12 Schools Do?

    I'll need to see a 10+ page thread discussion for each option in the poll before voting.
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    Quaron Adams Commits!!!

    Love his highlights. Some speedsters are looking to hit the homerun too much. He looks like he knows how to wait for that extra tick for blocking angles to work and defenders to commit to a pursuit that he knows he can beat to the outside. Check out 3:38 in his junior highlights It's not a...
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    Body Language

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    Cyclone Football Twitter

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    Bring Back All-Time Great for 2021, Who We Adding?

    JJ Moses was my pick too. He would be like Deshaunte Jones on steroids for Purdy. Plus his return abilities would be huge with Kene gone.
  6. risiusj

    Eastern Iowa Beer Tiers

    I'm about to try some Pulpit Rock and am looping forward to that. Also, keep a look out for Pivo Brewery. They're from Calmar just SW of Decorah. I don't know if they have any cans our bottles distributed, but everything I've tried from them has been good to great.
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    On That Note: Number 1’s - Album series, part 3 (2001 & 2011)

    Tool's Lateralus has to be my most listened to album. The lead single was "Schism" System of a Down had Toxicity drop and the 1st single was "Chop Suey!" And of course there is the greatest and best song in the world ... "Tribute" by Tenacious D on their first album Bonus crossover points...
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    Cyclone Recruiting History 101

    Was going to ask pretty much the same thing. It would be interesting to see all player's ratings plotted out per year going back at least 10 years or so.
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    Home DIY

    DIY ability, like any skill, is incredibly enhanced by the ability to critically and continually learn. If someone has an issue, finds a fixit Youtube video that applies to their situation, follows along, and gets things working for them then I would say that's a DIY win. I've done it plenty...
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    Prime Day 2021

    Agreed. I was chatting with someone about TV mounts and recommended getting one from Monoprice. They said they didn't want to hang a nice TV on something cheap and have their TV fall and break. They obviously didn't have any experience with Monoprice and I shut up because if they want to spend...
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    The Breece vs DM Conversation

    DM used balance and effort. BH uses patience and vision. And it's not that one or the other wasn't good or great at the other's key attributes. I just think these, plus their respective physical tools, are what make them so successful.
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    ISU MBB Twitter

    Tre hurt his knee before the season started and didn't play a game until January. That likely caused some of the struggles. Yet he still led the team in steals in conference games and had the lowest turnover rate. Yes, he shot like crap and looked more promising as a freshman when playing less...
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    2022 Way Too Early Starting Lineup

    All the better for us. Let the talking heads see that we'll lose All-Americans and Big 12 Players of the Year and pick us to finish 7th or 8th in the conference in a year.
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    EGO yard equipment

    I've been using the EGO single stage snowblower for 3 seasons now and have had no real issues. The only complaint would be the bottom edge catches on cracks easier than I would like. If the snow is very slushy and wet it gets bogged down, but the power is almost surprisingly good. As long as you...
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    State of ISU MBB if we had hired Otz instead of Prohm?

    TJ has coached zero games here. Premature extrapolation.
  16. risiusj

    Getting a new dog

    If they're close enough to visit at least once do that. Pay attention to their setup - cleanliness, safety, comfort, etc. Ask what specific vet they use. Call that vet and ask their opinion. If it's a bigger operation that has multiple employees ask how many they employ, what they handle, etc...
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    Getting a new dog

    If someone is bringing a dog in to their house and don't think that meeting it first is essential then I think their reasons for wanting a dog might be skewed or at least not fully thought out. No offense intended for anyone thinking about that route. Most any non-beginner guitarists wouldn't...
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    Who’s your starting 5 as of now?

    The ghosts of Merrill Holden and Jeff Beverly say "Hi" I would expect when a new coach comes on he would politely tell the players that whoever was getting playing time in past years wouldn't get any benefit for grading who gets playing time this year. Starters for game 1, looks the same as...
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    Brewing question

    Reiterating the temperature & bacteria concern. Like already mentioned, flameout is a convenient time if you're OK with whatever the concentrate is being present for the complete fermentation. When I've dealt with adding adjuncts after fermentation has begun I prefer to go the method of waiting...
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    Williams & Blum Pod: More hoops recruiting & saying goodbye to Kim Mulkey

    About English on Spotify or any music service ... or anywhere on the internet. Unfortunately it's way too difficult because of the generic name. I finally found their 2017 album on Spotify (and the album is titled "English). This took a lot of scrolling and test playing when searching for...