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    Iowa Hawkeye Party Dance

    Not sure if you guys have seen this or not, but even if it is about Iowa, I think you guys could find some humor in this. What is your favorite part? YouTube - The Iowa Hawkeye Party Dance I'll take Norm with the thumbs for 300, Alex.
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    Pollard's bowl ticket approach

    ISU football: Can't go to the Cyclones' bowl? Buy a ticket, anyway | | The Des Moines Register He wants ISU fans to buy tickets even if they aren't going to the game to help "build" on ISU's bowl reputation? I don't know what to say to this. I mean I guess in theory it's...
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    The Very Definition of irony...

    Saw this in the Lounge on HR, and just thought I'd relay the message. Focus in on 4:25, not to mention the 24-17 BLOW OUT. This guy is good stuff! YouTube - 2009 Iowa State Football National Championship :biglaugh::eek:
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    Rather interesting ISU Preview

    This got kicked up by someone in the HR Lounge. A little rough, but nothing that hasn't been seen before. Barking Carnival » Blog Archive » 2009 Iowa State Football Preview: State of the Union