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    FS: 3 for OU and Parking Pass

    section 4 row 19 seats 17-19 and a C5 parking pass. will have to venmo me and i will transfer as the sell option isn't functioning on DM me if interested.

    FS: MBB Tix

    due to youth sports and a 2-1/2 hour drive to each game, i have quite a few i'm looking to sell this year. i have 3 seats in section 217 row 17 on the aisle. top row of the building, but kind of nice if you have young kids as there's a big ledge behind the seats to put coats/posters/etc.-i've...

    FS: 3 for Kansas with parking

    i won't be able to make the 3 hour drive for this one, asking $180 for the package. section 217 row 17 seat 12-14 (aisle seat). Will listen to offers, can pay with paypal and i'll mail to you.

    FS: 3 for TCU with parking pass

    I have 3 for TCU in section 217 with parking pass for sale $50 OBO for the package.

    For sale-3 for wvu

    section 217 top row. Parking pass included. Ill be in town for Tennessee game and could exchange that day 1-27. $50 or make offer.

    For sale 3 osu tickets upper level corner

    make offer. Will be in Ames for game Saturday and can make transaction then. Thinking $20/ticket.

    Vanderbilt game

    Anyone else thinking of going? Gonna fly out Thursday and spend the weekend in Nashville should be pretty cool trip plus get to see the clones in a roadie. Would be cool to try and get seats by other clone fans if anyone else is going.

    Stream for tomorrow's game

    Got to be at work, is blocked, and no espn3 access. anyone know how the hell i'm going to be able to watch the game tomorrow?

    Pre game atmosphere

    What needs changed? Is it the video? Music? Jock jams? The last two Saturday games both against 2 top 24 teams has been severely lacking and it definitely carried over yesterday to the game. Last week we came out of it from a crowd standpoint but yesterday was as mild a hilton as I can...

    The clash

    Going on this weekend I just saw my high school beat the #12 team in the nation first 8 seed to beat a 1 seed ever I guess. Pretty cool for a small 1a town in Iowa. Anybody go? I would imagine there is some elite hs kids at this tourney

    Hats off to our team

    Honestly didn't think we would compete in many games after watching us against uni and Iowa. This team could have folded and I think many would. We've shown great resiliency and improvement the last two weeks. Texas is down but we played a hell of a game. The team will continue to improve...

    derek day

    Is he still just a ga? He seems like he is a passionate young guy that really connects with kids. Then I see he's lead recruiter for mister. Is that common to have a ga be a lead guy on a main target? I honestly don't know. I follow him on Twitter and he seems to really love it here and a...

    help with arcade game

    When I was in school 98-02, there was a laundromat by golden wok that had an arcade game called metal slug. I spent more quarters on this than I did on laundry and want to buy it now that I've got some expendible cash flow. Any chance its still there or anyone else remember it. There are...

    WTB 3 tix for either TCU or TTU

    please PM me if any available.

    gadsen hurt again?

    Had to default in finals of uni open. Anyone know how serious? Can't find much on Twitter about our results or his injury.

    kickoff coverage

    Who's in charge of this now, and was mess in charge last year? Is Leo that big of a loss? That and kicking has been for lack of a better word terrible this year. It's a real momentum killer to score a Td and then let them run kicks back to the 45 every time. Sorry for being negative...

    Coach Rhoads W/L pattern

    okay, so not really a pattern, but kind of interesting. year 1 W L WW LL WW LL W L W year 2 W LL WW LL WW LLL year 3 WWW LLLL WWW LLL year 4 WWW ?????????? obviously not a "pattern", but it seems like we are awful streaky under his watch. we do have 1 4 game losing streak, but never more...

    Former Indian Hills CC player killed

    Iona Gaels recruit Michael Haynes shot and killed in Chicago - ESPN didn't know where to put this. tragic. he was going to be a teammate of Tavon Sledge next year.

    new commit

    Alex Leslie te from Texas. per twittahs

    reasonable bus fare for a bachelor party

    anybody have any inside track? we have one coming up early august that i'm best man for. want to leave from ames, to prairie meadows, to downtown dsm, to the lumberyard, back to ames. i should have started looking at this a long time ago i know, but any help would be much appreciated. we...