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  1. Cy Hard

    What Should the Remaining Big 12 Schools Do?

    Let's take a recount, I know a guy in Montana. That should clear this all up!
  2. Cy Hard

    Friday OT #1 - Rubbing Pennies

    I believe the kids call that docking.
  3. Cy Hard

    Report: OU & Texas reach out to join SEC

    Any leaking coming from the Big 12 about giving more is coming from BU or the other Texas schools afraid of being sent to the AAC if this goes down.
  4. Cy Hard

    JTS Improvements - Want More

    As soon as the B1G logos arrive duh.
  5. Cy Hard

    JBo KO’d

    Guys being trans if tough. You shouldn’t use Eliot Page’s photos against him….oh wait that’s JBo proceed.
  6. Cy Hard

    JTS Improvements - Want More

    They don’t want you to see the load getting pumped into the form, regressives. Sad, it’s a perfectly normal part of life.
  7. Cy Hard

    Best golf movie

    Clearly the correct answer is Caddyshack 2! Or the second poll question answer. Same thing.
  8. Cy Hard

    Cyclone Football Twitter

    Keep this crap out of this thread. We already know you’re an ***hole.
  9. Cy Hard

    80s Music

    Wham! Make it big is where Andy and George earned the exclamation mark.
  10. Cy Hard

    ***Official St. Louis Cardinals 2021 Season Thread***

    Welcome to my hell from last year. First time I ever emailed complaining about blackouts. A freaking pandemic and no fans and you still couldn’t get them.
  11. Cy Hard

    How do, if I am misinformed I want to know. But really trust what I was told.

    How do, if I am misinformed I want to know. But really trust what I was told.
  12. Cy Hard


  13. Cy Hard

    Matt Campbell - new contract

    In many cases apparently he’d be correct.
  14. Cy Hard

    Report: T.J. Otzelberger headed for Iowa State

    I guess it’s been long enough but told they had lunch together today in an appropriate themed restaurant for St. Patrick’s Day. Doubt TJ’s here for spring break.
  15. Cy Hard

    ***Official Happy 311 Day Thread***********

    Yes, that is all.
  16. Cy Hard

    Deon Broomfield Named DB coach

    I knew a girl that wanted to go to Mount Marty but couldn’t. Said it was flaccid.
  17. Cy Hard

    ***Official 2021 Weather Thread***

    Oh yes really stopped listening then
  18. Cy Hard

    ***Official 2021 Weather Thread***

    So I assume he’ll be taking his crazy ass wife out of state, another in the W column.