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  1. CyArob

    Next Year's Slogan

    #ProveIt didn't work this year, so let's hear some ideas for next year's slogan/theme. Mine is #WashTheCorn
  2. CyArob

    Special Teams

    Fire the special teams coordinator! Oh wait...
  3. CyArob

    What is Steve Prohm?

    Is he a fighter? Is he a lover? Is he a middle aged dude? Respect my opinion, no interview requests
  4. CyArob

    Cyclone State

    Nice, Georges... Travis Hines ‏@TravisHines21 3m3 minutes ago Georges Niang: "For all the Hawkeyes that didn’t get the message, it’s a Cyclone state."
  5. CyArob

    Texas vs. Baylor

    Good to see Texas blowing out Baylor. Baylor is on their 4th QB now and can't do anything on offense.
  6. CyArob

    Thread Title Change? I think yes

    I think not.
  7. CyArob

    *** Halo Mafia Sign-Up ***

    With Tarantino Mafia winding down I figured I'd start this thread. I am pulling characters and themes from the video games Halo 1 through 3. Looking for about 30, although anything larger is encouraged as I can just put in more instakills. Started with the always in list. Bold is confirmed...
  8. CyArob

    R E L A X

    That is all.
  9. CyArob

    Make the Football Forum Opt-In?

    I say yes. Discuss.
  10. CyArob

    Defensive Tackles

    Are there any left? Cousins was on twitter, so I'm guessing he's injured. Jensen - injured Garcia - injured We were playing Meyers (RSo. DE), Aka (RSo.), and Trent (RFr.) out there. They played pretty well given the circumstances.
  11. CyArob

    Texas vs. UCLA

    Texas is a trainwreck. Inventing new ways to screw up: Bruin Report Online @BruinReport · 22m So UCLA wins the toss and elects to defer. And then Texas chooses to kickoff. So UCLA will get it twice.
  12. CyArob

    Hang Ejim's Jersey!

    Do it JP. Do it now.
  13. CyArob

    Boise St vs. South Carolina

    Boise is pretty good, and by that I mean Anthony Drmic is good. They are a very good 3pt shooting team. Boise also seems disciplined on defense and applies full court pressure sporadically. South Carolina on the other hand is a snooze fest. I hope we get to face Boise, because I think ISU...
  14. CyArob

    Oregon vs. UCLA

    Game of the night. Very close first half, I was expecting more TD's with these offenses though.
  15. CyArob

    Worst OLine ever?

    I say yes. Discuss.
  16. CyArob

    Michigan vs. Penn State

    Going into a 4th OT. Lots of missed FG's and turnovers so far in the OT's.
  17. CyArob

    JTS Student Entrance

    Might as well get everything out there so we cover our bases. (Band thread, anyone?) Anyways, they should probably add more security at the gate where the students enter because right when they have opened the gates for both of the first 2 games, it turns into a giant mob of people pushing and...
  18. CyArob

    Iowa State Computer Backgrounds/Wallpapers

    Anybody have any cool Iowa State backgrounds? I need a new one, but the ones im seeing on google are meh. Mainly looking for something with Jack Trice or Hilton. Thanks.
  19. CyArob

    NBA: *** NBA Playoffs Thread V2.0 ***

    Well the playoffs haven't ended, so we still need a thread. Deron Williams has taken over today. Pacers going to go up 3-0 tonight.
  20. CyArob

    Alabama vs. Texas A&M

    I feel bad cheering for A&M, but I don't want Alabama to go undefeated. 14-0 Aggies right now.